"You! You have some! I can practically smell it on you! Give me the spice! Give it to me now!"

Urfo was a muscular, male Human thug who lived on the planet Endregaad[1] during the era of the New Republic.[2] Due to his strength and his skill as a brawler, Urfo was able to obtain jobs as a bouncer, a bodyguard and a debt collector, and at some point, he was hired by a geode miner to defend a rich geode strike that the miner had discovered in Endregaad's Temple Valley. However, Urfo became addicted to the potent spice Tempest, and he came to be the leader of a gang of fellow Tempest addicts. The miner eventually left the valley, leaving Urfo and his gang behind, and the thug became so consumed by his desire for Tempest that he could not be reasoned with.[1]


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