Han Solo: "That's why you're such a softie about the dragon? Because it can make you money?"
Nal Kenuun: "What other possible value could any creature have?"
―Han Solo and Nal Nenuun regarding Urgiluu[src]

Urgiluu was the name of the krayt dragon owned by the Muun Nal Kenuun. Although his contemporaries believed that Kenuun loved the creature, Kenuun was actually more interested in harvesting the pearl for monetary gain.[1]

In 0 ABY, Leia Organa threatened to harm Urgiluu when Kenuun tried to capture Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and X-7, who was secretly using the alias Tobin Elad. Fearing that the pearl would be damaged, Kenuun agreed to let Organa and her companions go free.[1]

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Urgiluu first and currently only appearance to date was in the novel Rebel Force: Target, released in 2008. The novel was written by Alex Wheeler.


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