"No, I'm far more practical than the Jedi, and more dangerous, too…We've nearly nine hundred crew on this ship—nine times the number of Jedi in the whole of the galaxy. And while they have the Force to aid them, I have two powerful allies with me: greed and arrogance."
―Urias Xhaxin[src]

Urias Xhaxin was a male Human privateer working for the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. He primarily operated in the Mid Rim, including the Ado Sector. He acquired thousands of tons of Imperial cargo and several combat starships for the Alliance, and earned from them no less than three letters of marque and reprisal, as well as a placement on the Empire's Most Wanted list and a posted bounty of 250,000 credits.[1]


Xhaxin analyzes intelligence.

Xhaxin's black hair and beard (both of which, in later years, turned white with age) were kept neatly trimmed, and he only wore white, black, or gray clothing, with a corusca gem and mithra cloak broach that included an integrated comlink. His left hand was replaced by a cybernetic prosthesis which he kept covered in a gray bantha-hide glove, earning him the nickname "Grayclaw." Many rumors circulated about what the prosthesis was capable of; the reality was it concealed a hidden heavy blaster.[1]

Xhaxin's background was largely unknown to the Alliance, though Alliance Intelligence marked the man as a "penitent obsessive", unable to forgive himself for past indiscretions. His obsessiveness manifested in his precision, control, and effectiveness as a privateer. His strikes, while pushing his ship and crew to optimum performance, nonetheless kept a reasonable margin of error, and he used straightforward tactics to capture his prey. He ran a tight ship, and followed a strict code of conduct summed up in his "Dozen Rules."[1]

Xhaxin's ship was the modified Nebulon-B escort frigate Free Lance; the core of his often-rotating crew were First Mate Khwir, Quartermaster Cotetchtle, Engineer Rabby Mortunk, Pilot/Astrogator Kandar, Gunnery Sergeant Mirip Pag, and Surgeon Anet Karl. During his third letter of marque, his Alliance observer was Special Agent Hast.[1] He had a holodrama made about him.[2]

After the Battle of Endor, the New Republic no longer condoned Xhaxin's privateering, but turned a blind eye to it while they remained enemies. Even following the Pellaeon–Gavrisom Treaty, Xhaxin continued raiding the Empire, until he encountered a Yuuzhan Vong warship. The Free Lance was nearly destroyed in the encounter, and the ship was forced to make a blind hyperspace jump and obtain aid from the New Republic.[2]



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