Urna was a member of the Believers during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


Urna was a member of a group of Believers who were sent to place transmitters on fault lines on the surface of the planet of Caarimon, as part of a plot to release a virus on the planet. Urna attacked the Heroes of Cularin, who were investigating the plot, and was defeated by them.

Behind the scenesEdit

Urna appeared in Belly of the Beaast and his/her sex was not identified. The number of Believers that attack the Heroes of Cularin with Urna can vary with the player tier of the player characters. For lower-tier players, Urna is accompanied by the Believer Willus. For middle-tier players, Urna is accompanied by Willus and Imber; and for higher-tier players, Urna is accompanied by Willus, Imber and Garit.


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