Urnon Mossu was a male Duros pilot and member of the Blank Look Gang during the Rise of the Empire era.

At some point during his time as a member of the Blankers he, Hewpaj, and an unidentified female member of the gang were sent to steal a collection of antique Twi'lek pots from the Galactic Museum in CoCo Town on the planet Coruscant for an anonymous wealthy client from the Core Worlds. After their female partner infiltrated the museum and reprogrammed a ASP-7 labor droid to bring the pots to the museum's landing dock, Urnon's job was to wait below the dock in a stolen hotrod speeder. The droid was programmed to then walk off the dock and fall into the waiting speeder below at which point Urnon would pick up Hewpaj who would of caused a distraction with his Sniper rifle and the pair wold make a hasty get away. However A group of spacers had been hired to keep watch for such heist and attempted to stop the robbery. They eventually succeeded when after a speeder chase Urnon crashed his speeder into a Pierceskimmer's tank in the Royal Icqui Aquaria where he was likely killed by the beast along with Hewpaj.

Personality and traitsEdit

Urnon was a fairly skilled pilot and could perform a large number of tricks and stunts with ease which he used to try and lose his followers during the escape from the museum.

Behind the scenesEdit

Urnon Mossu was a character in the saga edition Star Wars Roleplaying Game mini-adventure Art For Art's Sake and so the above biography assumes the adventure is completed as suggested in the article.