Urothko was a Wookiee warrior from Kashyyyk.


At a young age, Urothko had been dared by his friends to travel down to the lowest level of Kashyyyk's forests, the Shadowlands. He willingly accepted the challenge and began his descent, only to be greeted by a fire-spirit known as Graaa'shad. The spirit captured Urothko and took him into the depths of the forest, preparing to kill. Luckily for Urothko, the legendary Wookiee Elder, Stalpaac, came out from the undergrowth and fired a well-aimed bowcaster quarrel at the spirit. The two Wookiees then unleashed a vicious attack on the spirit, forcing him to flee into the forest. As he retreated, the fire-spirit yelled that he would one day have his revenge.

Soon after the incident, Urothko pledged his life to Stalpaac, to honor the risk the older Wookiee took in saving his life. The story of Urothko's rescue soon spread to other villages and tribes, and it is believed that it was the basis for the Wookiee tradition of a life debt.


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