Urtel Moren was a male Human Sith who served the resurgent Sith Empire during the Cold War.


In 3643 BBY, Urtel was stationed on Alderaan where he served as a bodyguard to Elana Thul during a civil war on the planet.

Lady Thul later played host to the apprentice of Darth Zash, who was sent to Alderaan to recover a Sith artifact in the possession of Jedi Master Nomar Organa. Before the Sith apprentice could set off to infiltrate House Alde's archives for information on Nomar, Urtel spoke privately with the apprentice, asking if they really did kill Darth Skotia.

When House Organa learned of the apprentice's break-in, they dispatched a team of Jedi to retaliate against Thul. Elana sent Urtel and a team of Sith to attack House Organa. Despite fighting valiantly, Urtel and his team died as a result.

Behind the scenesEdit


Female Sith Inquisitors can briefly romance Urtel Moren. Doing so will influence the player's class story on Voss, in which Ergast takes Urtel's form while dream-walking.

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