"Look at the size of him! And his bodyguards!"

Urtsk was a large Barabel that served as a bodyguard to Jedi Master Kai Hudorra following his acquisition of The Lucky Twi'lek on Kestavel.


When Dass Jennir, Beyghor Sahdett, and the crew of the Uhumele arrived at the casino in search of Hudorra, Urtsk and its partner, Kal, backed the already imposing Bothan up, greatly intimidating Meekerdin-maa. When Sahdett betrayed Hudorra and Jennir, Urtsk and fellow guard Makall rushed to attack the Dark Jedi with their vibro-axes. The pair were no match for the former Jedi Master, however, and the Verpine killed them both by bisecting them with his lightsaber.


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