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The Uscru District was located on the planet Coruscant and its upper levels was the site of the Galaxies Opera House.[1] The lower levels of the district were known as the Entertainment District, the site of the Outlander Club.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know and Star Wars: Complete Locations all state that the Uscru Entertainment District was an area located in the Coruscant's lower levels. In Ultimate Star Wars and its online Databank entry, the Galaxies Opera House is listed as being in the upper levels of the Uscru District with Ulitmate Star Wars making a distinction in listing locations as being in either the upper levels of the Uscru District or in the lower levels of the "Entertainment District." As such, the Entertainment District is considered to be part of the larger "Uscru District" yet comprised of the district's lower levels.



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