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The Uscru Entertainment District, more commonly known as the Uscru District was a subdivision on Coruscant, and the location of the Galaxies Opera House, the Outlander Club, the Snapping Septoid, the Revwien Comedy Academy Playhouse, the Vos Gesal Hotel, and presumably Uscru-North. The district, located near the Senate District, was alive at night, with holograms that lit up the streets. It was considered the outer layer between the jewel city and the Coruscant underworld.


The Coruscanti entertainment district.

For many years, the mayor of the Uscru District was the corrupt Ongree, Acros-Krik. While the Uscru District was infamous for its seedy lower levels, the upper region of the district attracted a more refined clientele. The Galaxies Opera House, owned by Romeo Treblanc, was a popular venue among the glitterati of Coruscant.

The district was a known hangout of death stick dealers.

The intersection of Daring Way and Vos Gesal Street in Uscru was considered one of the highest crime-rate areas on Coruscant.



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