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Hi, <insert name here>, I am ARC_Commander_Colt. I have been a fan of Star Wars and user of Wookieepedia for several years.

About meEdit

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I am a huge fan of Star Wars. I have been since 2003, when my uncle bought me my first Xbox, which included the game Star Wars: Clone Wars. Shortly after, my mom got A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back from the library, and I was hooked. However, a few years later, I became a fan of Lord of the Rings and pretty much forgot Star Wars.

In 2010 I bought the first two Darth Bane novels, which got me back into Star Wars. I then began building my collection of Star Wars novels, which is nearly 100% complete—I am only missing Tales of the New Republic and, now, Crucible.

I am extremely interested in clone troopers - specifically, commandos, especially as Karen Traviss writes them. I also love the New Jedi Order era, and think that Luke Skywalker's Jedi Order is much better than Yoda's.

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