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Production information

Kuat Drive Yards[1]


Imperial-class Star Destroyer[2]



Galactic Empire[2]




Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the Relentless was on patrol in the Dalchon system where it was engaged by three pirate vessels. During the battle, several pirates were captured, but the Relentless suffered damage to its hyperdrive engines. Proceeding to Kwenn Space Station for repairs, Captain Parlan oversaw the fates of the pirates, including one named Quist. Pronouncing a sentence of death on the pirate, Quist offered information in exchange for his life. The former Galactic Republic hero, Adar Tallon, long believed dead, was alive and living on Tatooine. Tallon had faked his death years previously in order to escape a Galactic Empire that was eroding civil liberties and freedoms. Parlan, knowing that Tallon's tactical and leadership abilities would make him a target for Alliance to Restore the Republic recruitment, issued a sector-wide alert for bounty hunters to travel to Tatooine and locate Tallon. Hunters including Jodo Kast, IG-72, Puggles Trodd, and Zardra were commissioned to hunt Tallon. The Relentless would follow after completing repairs to its hyperdrive.[2]

Fortunately for the Alliance, Ensign Dana, Captain Parlan's assistant, was an undercover Alliance agent. Recording an entry on a data storage pad, she issued a Code Green—a code that meant agent in trouble, pick up immediately—and mentioned the name Adar Tallon. The crew of the Alliance freighter, Alabak's Gold, was the closest Alliance asset, and they were assigned to rendezvous with Dana and extract her. However, Dana was discovered and killed by Jodo Kast using a small dart laced with Sennari, a fast-acting poison.[2]

Commanders and crewEdit

Ensign Dana - undercover Alliance agent, assistant to Captain Parlan



Notes and referencesEdit

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