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EnochF began exploring Wookieepedia to look for ideas and iron out inconsistencies while designing RPG adventures set in the Old Republic Era and got hooked. Here are some articles featuring my contributions. Enjoy my stilted writing style, replete with unnecessary adverbs like 'somewhat' and 'apparently' and 'mostly.'

Hey, kids, laugh along with Enochf at Enochf's Happy Caption Page!

Notes for further work
Satire on fanwankery

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QOTD workEdit

I spend way too much time hanging out at the Quote of the Day forum. I've been unofficially managing it for... what, five years now; I tweaked the archive to include a separate calendar page; and for ease of use, I split the nomination page into two sections, in-universe and the rest. (For newcomers, it used to all be one file, and if you think it loads slow now, you should've seen it before.)

For what it's worth, my QOTD nominations so far that have been on the main page are:

The non-bolded ones are almost all from the movies and were probably inevitable anyway. The bold ones took a little bit of searching, and I figure there's a good chance nobody else would have nominated them otherwise, so it's more of an achievement. It's challenging to find cool stuff nobody else would have suggested, from the computer games, novels, comics and cartoons, or from online interviews. But check out the archive, and you'll see so many quotes from the movie trilogies that aren't there yet!

Hmm. Here's a work in progress: a quick table of QOTD sources and pointers for likely sources, and a similar character guide.

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