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Paplsreborncrossthrough This user has a legitimate reason to believe that any Star Wars book after Episode VI that mentions the Dark Side, the Sith, Dark Jedi, or Palpatine Reborn should be considered non-canon......Oh wait. It is non-canon. lololololol. I <3 Disney.
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"What you have, Senators, is a consensus of fools."
Leia Organa Solo describing Wookieepedia[src]

My Core BeliefEdit

The following was written on 25 November 2012:

I, Fe Nite, recognize that the seven Star Wars films take supreme priority over anything in the Star Wars universe, and therefore I fully support the films in their entirety and think that any disagreements, arguments, complaints, or any other disdaining comments and conversations concerning the films, and those who worked hard to create them, is utter foolishness. For if it were not for these movies, and if they were not produced in the manner that they were, the Star Wars universe could (and probably would) be entirely different than it is now; if it even existed at all. Therefore, anyone who calls themselves a Star Wars fan, yet disrespects any aspects of these films, should take a step back, recognize their folly, and be thankful that these Star Wars films were constructed the way they were so that these "fans" can enjoy the absolutely incredible and amazing Star Wars universe that we have today. -Fe Nite (talk) 18:15, November 26, 2012 (UTC)

Kiss a wookiee, kick a droid, fly the Falcon through an asteroid! 'Till the Princess is annoyed! It's spaceships, it's monsters, it's Star Wars, we love it!

User:Fe Nite/Core Belief

Wookieepedia statisticsEdit

Pages I've CreatedEdit

This is a list of mainspace pages I have created in order from newest to oldest:

  1. Clone Commander (12/12/14)
  2. Galactic Marines (12/11/14)
  3. Mygeeto (12/10/14)
  4. Polis Massa (6/4/14)
  5. Nevis Kitt (10/31/13)
  6. Ginger noodles (9/24/13)
  7. Ploth (9/24/13)
  8. Lavender treebread (9/24/13)
  9. White seed-cake (9/24/13)
  10. Spring Equinox ceremony (9/24/13)
  11. Porthole aquarium (9/21/13)
  12. Display pad (9/15/13)
  13. Rocker-panel cotter pin (9/3/13)
  14. Hors d'oeuvre (9/3/13)
  15. White slug (9/3/13)
  16. Bantha kabob (8/31/13)
  17. Fusion battery (8/31/13)
  18. Unidentified Weequay secretary-treasurer (8/31/13)
  19. Unidentified Weequay president (8/31/13)
  20. Mining Guild cutter (8/27/13)
  21. Coldstone Canyon (7/30/13)
  22. Coolant fluid (6/28/13)
  23. Kessel (bird) (6/10/13)
  24. Tales series (5/17/13)
  25. Unidentified Kessel Dealer 1 (4/17/13)
  26. Zharen (4/12/13)
  27. Blink (disambiguation) (3/23/13)
  28. Jerunga (3/11/13)
  29. Over-sized package redistribution center (3/11/13)
  30. Hal (disambiguation) (a policy change led to the deletion of this page) (2/15/13)
  31. Hal (2/15/13)
  32. Hal (sniper) (2/15/13)
  33. Cairn City (2/1/13)
  34. Glenn Randall (1/23/13)
  35. Tabor system (originally Tabor V system) (1/22/13)
  36. Tabor V (1/10/13)
  37. Gellack (1/7/13)
  38. Ian Milham (12/27/12)
  39. Vonak system (12/20/12)
  40. XNA-580 (12/13/12)
  41. 15,480 BBY (12/11/12)
  42. Keijm system (11/2/12)
  43. 274 BBY (10/10/12)
  44. Indar (disambiguation) (a policy change led to the deletion of this page) (9/25/12)

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