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Tall enough to look over a fence, short enough not to hit my head in the doorway

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Nuclear research and related M.E. design


Smelting precious metals

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Welcome to my page. I have done quite a bit of contributing here and there, and will continue to do more to help this stellar site expand our knowledge of all things Star Wars. I am a published writer under my real name (which I will not reveal here) and also have been involved promotionally with the Star Wars franchise. I own the The Official Star Wars PocketModels website and have contributed to the Star Wars canon in relation to that brand. In my very little free time, I also am helping to develop Star Wars PocketModels TCG Online, a non-profit continuation of the out-of-print tabletop miniatures game.

I have been also involved in such Star Trek projects as Star Trek Online Wiki and have contributed to Star trek Online in the form of building UGC Foundry missions. I also have done work for Priority One Podcast, a STO/Trek podcasting station that was nominated in two categories in the 2015 Podcast Awards, and was the only Trek podcast station to be nominated that year.

I am also doing work for Axanar Productions' Ares Studio set location.

In addition to having created new articles on this wiki, I have also supported the promotion of existing articles to Good and Comprehensive status.

This page lists projects and articles that I am have worked on recently or am watching the progress of. —GethralkinHyperwave

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