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Welcome to my userpage! I am Imperators II, which in Latvian means "Emperor" ("II" is, well, just a random number).

Useful stuff and pages of interest

  • Per this CT: "Keep and continue to create articles for systems named conjecturally after the first column in the Atlas Appendix, with the exception of nebulae and space stations. Provide the articles with a {{Conjecture}} tag until the system name actually appears in another source. Treat the objects confirmed to be located in deep space as notable exception."
  • {{SW|url=atlas/index.html|int=Star Wars: The Essential Atlas Online Companion|text=''Star Wars: The Essential Atlas'' Online Companion}}
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  • __NOTOC__ (Help:Magic words)
  • {{DEFAULTSORT:Last name, First name}}
|[[Category:Arkanis sector planets]]
|[[Category:Arkanis sector stars]]
|[[Category:Arkanis sector systems]]

Current and planned status article nominations

Featured and Good article nominations

Featured article nominations

  1. (H-7) Volik (FAN)

Good article nominations

  1. (L-10) Ashla (update)
  2. (L-10) Sunspot (update)
  3. (L-10) Obri (update)
  4. Juris sector (hopefully)
  5. Juri's Sabacc Parlor (maybe)

Comprehensive article nominations

  1. (Q-3) Kyoloria system (CAN)
  2. (K-4) Bisellia system (CAN)
  3. (N-4) Sipsk system (CAN)
  4. (O-4) Valfin system (CAN)
  5. (P-4) Direllia system
  6. (T-4) Jun (planet)
  7. (O-5) Priole Danna system
  8. (S-5) Estaria
  9. (T-5) Apiliria system
  10. (H-6) Flacharia system
  11. (I-6) Thuna system
  12. (J-6) Varvva system
  13. (K-6) Angrallia system
  14. (L-6) Osskorn system
  15. (N-6) Corosia system
  16. (Q-6) Tenara
  17. (R-6) Ychthyton system
  18. (S-6) Shaltin system
  19. (D-7) Twilight Void
  20. (G-7) Jike
  21. (K-7) Ipellrilla system
  22. (L-7) Melus system
  23. (P-7) Keresia system
  24. (S-7) Harda system
  25. (T-7) OHS1782-03
  26. (G-8) Catlia
  27. (H-8) Forbelea system
  28. (I-8) Celdaru system
  29. (J-8) Aramal system
  30. (O-8) Avenel system
  31. (P-8) Bynarria system
  32. (Q-8) Quilan system
  33. (S-8) Nomaria system
  34. (T-8) Rullag system
  35. (H-9) Vagar Praxut
  36. (J-9) Lontar system
  37. (N-9) Vorsia system
  38. (P-9) Baldur system
  39. (R-9) Ardroxia system
  40. (R-11) Tol Amn
  41. (M-13) Aridinia system

After the coordinate challenge

  1. (R-16) D'Anjon Nebula
  2. (N-18) Beetle Nebula
  3. (D-7) Vun'Hanna
  4. (U-7) Dark Nebula

Status articles

Category My first article Nominated Success Main Page
Main namespace edit
Oseon 68452007/04/09
Halurian ice-boar2011/07/102011/07/18
Te Hasa2015/08/062015/11/232015/11/23—2016/01/01

Featured and Good articles

Comprehensive articles

  1. (S-12) Affavan
  2. (K-3) Anorelga system
  3. (M-3) Antmuel VI
  4. (S-12) Aylayl
  5. (O-3) Breta Yaga system
  6. (R-4) Ch'hodos's red sun
  7. (S-9) Dirha
  8. (S-12) Diyu
  9. (T-10) Elgit
  10. (M-2) Hettitite
  11. (R-10) Ilos
  12. (R-10) Ilos Minor
  13. (R-12) Jilrua
  14. (S-9) Kafane
  15. (R-10) Keldooine
  16. (L-3) Laerdocia system
  17. (T-11) M'Hanna
  18. (L-4) Morturia system
  19. (T-11) Nar Haaska
  20. (S-14) Near Pando
  21. Ooroo's homeworld
  22. (P-3) Pervick system
  23. (J-3) Qonto system
  24. Roon Comet
  25. (T-11) Sakifwanna
  26. (T-11) Saqqar
  27. (T-11) The Godsheart
  28. (T-11) Tisht
  29. Unidentified asteroid group
  30. (S-12) Unidentified moon of Kiskua
  31. (T-11) Unidentified orbital station
  32. Unidentified planet (Sith Empire)
  33. Unidentified rainy planet (Sith Empire)
  34. (T-10) Usk (planet)
  35. (S-13) Xolu
  36. (S-10) Zisia
  37. (T-12) Ziugen


  1. Chalarax
  2. Halurian ice-boar
  3. Orkellian cave slug
  4. Subjugation of Ugroth's sector

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