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"I know who I am... I am a Jedi."
―Cade Skywalker[src]

The son of renowned Jedi Master Kol Skywalker and Imperial agent Morrigan Corde, Cade Skywalker was a Jedi Padawan who, after his father's death, forsook that life to eventually become a bounty hunter. As a Jedi trainee, Skywalker trained briefly under the Zabrak Jedi Master Wolf Sazen, before the devastating events of the massacre at the Jedi Praxeum on Ossus following the end of the war between the Galactic Alliance and the Fel Empire. His father, who ordered Skywalker and his fellow Padawan Shado Vao to escape Ossus with a shuttle of Jedi younglings, was slain by the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Krayt's Sith forces.

After escaping the battle, Skywalker was found by and apprenticed himself to the Feeorin pirate Rav, taking his oath and becoming a member of his crew on his flaghship, Crimson Axe. In his time with Rav, Skywalker developed a close friendship with fellow crew member Jariah Syn. He eventually became a bounty hunter, flying the light freighter Mynock along with Syn and the Zeltron female Deliah Blue, who was his on–and–off lover. Seven years after the massacre, Skywalker apprehended the Bothan Jedi healer Hosk Trey'lis, while pursuing another bounty.


Early life and Jedi trainingEdit

"Listen to the Force, Cade. A Jedi's first concern is to preserve life."
―Kol Skywalker[src]

Cade Skywalker, a Human male[2] was born to the Jedi Master Kol Skywalker,[1] a member of the Jedi Council,[6] and Imperial agent Morrigan Corde. However Corde, who had married Kol, left him and Cade, reasoning that she and Kol had different paths to follow. Calixte also expressed her belief that Cade was better off going with Kol to Jedi Praxeum on Ossus.[7] Kol brought Cade to Ossus, and left him under the care of his brother, Jedi Master Nat Skywalker, in order to tend to Jedi affairs on the galactic capital Coruscant. Cade eventually was brought to Coruscant by Kol.[8] Cade was trained as a Jedi by various teachers, including the Whiphid Jedi Master K'Kruhk, who served during the Clone Wars more than a century before.[5] He eventually came under the tutelage of his father's former Padawan, the Zabrak Jedi Knight Wolf Sazen.[3]

In 126 BBY, Cade accompanied his father, Vao and the Yuuzhan Vong Master Shaper Nei Rin on the planet Wayland. The world, which had been devastated during the Yuuzhan Vong War, was healed and reformed as part of the Ossus Project, a Yuuzhan Vong terraforming plan which was championed by Kol Skywalker. Six months later, the Yuuzhan Vong's work had been sabotaged, resulting into the lifeforms on the world becoming deformed. The Jedi and Nei Rin were pursued by the Myneyrsh chieftan Roax and a group of his fellow people. The Skywalkers, Vao, Rin, and Sazen escaped the planet aboard a starship. They were eventually rescued by an Imperial Star Destroyer under the command of Moff Nyna Calixte, Cade's mother.[9]

Cade spent some of his childhood at the New Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where he explored the secrets of the Temple's foundations and the planet's outer city with the young Twi'lek Jedi Shado Vao, who was Kol Skywalker's Padawan. Cade believed that his father was unaware of this, despite the fact that he and Vao once fell asleep at the Jedi's midday meal.[10] On Ossus, Skywalker became close to fellow Padawan Azlyn Rae, once kissing her on the cheek. He and Rae pulled pranks together, which included putting live gullipuds in Sazen's boots. As punishment, Sazen forced Skywalker and Rae to clean a nerf stable for a week.[11]

Massacre at OssusEdit

"I will not let you go, Master!"
―Cade Skywalker using the Force to revive Wolf Sazen.[src]

Skywalker revives Wolf Sazen

In 130 ABY, at the end of the war between the Galactic Alliance and the Fel Empire, Cade was involved in the battle to defend the Ossus Jedi Praxeum from attacking Sith–Imperial forces. Sazen ordered Skywalker and Vao to evacuate the planet in a shuttle full of younglings. However, Skywalker wanted to stay and fight with his father and argued the point, but eventually obeyed Kol and Sazen and went to the shuttle. Just after boarding the vessel, Cade sensed that Sazen had been struck down, and that his father was now fighting the Sith alone. Much to Vao's dismay, Cade left the ship to fight by his father's side. As soon as he joined Kol, he was ordered to take Sazen back to the shuttle. Cade was devastated, but did as he was told. Sazen died in his Padawan's arms aboard the shuttle, which was leaving Ossus. However, Cade could not accept this, and focused his anger to the point where he used the dark side of the Force to successfully revive his Master.[3]

At that point, Cade felt the death of his father. Overwhelmed with anger, Cade promised revenge on the Sith Lord that had murdered Kol. He left the shuttle one final time in an X-83 TwinTail starfighter in an attempt to kill the Sith. Cade cleared a path for the shuttle so that it could escape into hyperspace; however, his fighter was shot down by a Predator-class fighter.[3] He managed to survive by sealing his flight suit and jettisoning just as his ship exploded. Withdrawing from the Force so the Sith would not sense his presence, he fell into deep meditation in order to conserve oxygen. He awoke three days after the massacre, and the Feeorin pirate Rav found Cade floating in the debris around the planet. A crewman named Jariah Syn managed to convince Rav to rescue Skywalker. After he guided Rav and his crew through the ruins of the Jedi Praxeum, Skywalker apprenticed himself to Rav and joined his crew, taking the Feeorin's oath of loyalty.[12] After the Massacre, Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Krayt deposed Emperor Roan Fel, establishing his own Empire.[3]

Exile from the OrderEdit

"Please. I do not fear death. Death is the least of what the Sith can do to one like me. There are reasons the Sith like to take us alive. In doing this, you serve the Sith! I don't deserve what will happen to me after you turn me in for the bounty. No sentient does! Please…"
"It's a hard galaxy."
―Hosk Trey'lis and Skywalker[src]

At some point after the end of the Sith–Imperial War, Skywalker eventually became the captain of a light freighter called the Mynock, whose crew included the Zeltron Deliah Blue,[1] a former Imperial missionary[13] and the ship's mechanic, and Jariah Syn, his longtime friend and co-pilot. Skywalker hid both his surname and his Jedi abilities from everyone who knew him, especially his crew mates.[1] One of Skywalker's and his crew's favorite haunts during this time was Rik's Cantina on Coruscant, a meeting place for various underworld denizens.[14]

Luke Cade

Skywalker is visited by the Force ghost of his ancestor, Luke Skywalker.

In the year 137 ABY, the Mynock's crew was contracted by Rav to locate Sakiyan bond-skipper Naxy Screeger on the planet Lok, at the Advozse Brogar's cantina. After locating Screeger, the group also came across the Bothan Jedi healer Hosk Trey'lis. Skywalker prevented Syn from killing the Jedi, seemingly because Jedi were worth more alive than dead. The group left Lok with both Screeger and Trey'lis in tow. After turning in their bounties on Rav's base in Socorro, the Feeorin paid Skywalker with death sticks, which, though pleasing to him, enraged Syn and Blue.[15] Around this time, Skywalker was being haunted by the Force ghost of his ancestor and former Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker, who was pleading for his descendant to return to his Jedi legacy. However, Skywalker was growing increasingly agitated with these visitations, using death sticks to block them out, and even threatened to end his own life.[16]

As the Mynock's crew prepared for liftoff from Socorro, they were approached by the Imperial Princess Marasiah Fel and the Imperial missionary Astraal Vao, who were being pursued by the Twi'lek Sith Lord Darth Talon. Fel demanded passage to the planet Vendaxa, attempting a mind trick on Skywalker. However, Skywalker was resistant to her Force powers. When he saw the Twi'lek Sith, he initiated emergency take-off procedures, and set a course towards Vendaxa. He intended on delivering Fel to her father, Emperor Roan Fel, so that he could get paid. Skywalker would then betray both of them to Darth Krayt's Empire, earning enough credits to be out of Rav's debt.[16]

Skirmish on VendaxaEdit

"One-Arm is right. You have no chance against me, boy. Lie down and die, like your father. I'll give you the mercy of a quick death."
"He never lay down! You killed him and it took half a dozen Sith to do it! I'm not looking for mercy! You destroyed my life! And I will kill you!!!"
―Darth Nihl and Cade Skywalker[src]
Cade force

Skywalker uses the Force to hurl Darth Talon away.

The crew of the Mynock and Fel were guided by Astraal Vao—who had pre-arranged a rendezvous with her brother Shado if ever they were in trouble[16]—to the crash site, where the Vao's parents had died. Skywalker's crew and the Imperials came under attack from an acklay, and only the timely arrival of Astraal's brother and Wolf Sazen saved her from being impaled by the acklay's fore-claw. With the immediate danger over, Fel set about arranging safe passage with the two Jedi, revealing that she knew of the Mynock crew's intention to turn her in for the bounty on her head. Not wanting to be recognized by his former Master, Skywalker stayed in the shadows and did not argue with Fel. However, Syn called him on his wanting to cut his losses, using Skywalker's first name as he did so, which attracted the attention of the two Jedi. Turning to face the Jedi, he calmly admitted his name was Cade. Sazen gave no indication that he recognized his former pupil, electing to direct Fel to where he and Vao had secreted their own ship.[17]

A sudden explosion signaled that ship's destruction, however, and that was quickly followed by an attack from Darth Talon, who used the dark side to provoke a number of native fauna into attacking alongside her. Talon singled out Sazen and brought him down with Force lightning, intending to kill him, but Fel intervened, hoping to avenge the Imperial Knight Elke Vetter, whom Talon had killed. Fel was no match for the Sith, and Talon swatted her away with the Force. Skywalker was asked by Sazen to take Fel to safety, but Skywalker merely stood by, his mind flashing back to when the Sith attacked Ossus. Skywalker unloaded both barrels of his modified double-barreled blaster carbine, the Rawk chopped special, at the Sith. Both Blue and Syn joined him, but Talon easily deflected their blasts, disarming the three with a wave of her hand. With an angry cry, Skywalker used the Force to lift some nearby wreckage and hurled it at Talon, sending her into the nearby forest. Retrieving his blaster, Skywalker directed the stunned onlookers to head for the Mynock.[17]

However, they soon discovered that Talon had sabotaged the ship, forcing them to remain on Vendaxa until repairs could be made. After the battle, Skywalker had a conversation with Sazen, telling him that he wasted years looking for a man that no longer existed. That was followed by an argument with his friends, with Syn pulling a blaster on him. Fel approached the former Jedi, saying that she knew he was a Skywalker, and also told Skywalker that she would not run away from her responsibilities.[17] Eventually, the Imperial Knights Antares Draco and Ganner Krieg arrived in order to rescue Fel, but their starfighters were shot down by the Sith. The Knights survived the crash, and a battle with the Sith began. Skywalker rushed to battle with his blaster, ordering Syn and Blue to lift off. When Skywalker entered the battlefield, he was flooded with memories of the Massacre at Ossus, failing to notice a Sith approaching him from behind. Fel charged at the Sith and killed him, saving Skywalker's life, but not without injury. Skywalker, holding her injured form in his arms, asked Fel why she had saved him. After she answered him, he used the Force to call her lightsaber to him, ignoring his oath to never pick up a lightsaber again, and proclaimed that he had enough.[18]

Skywalker then attacked Darth Nihl; during the fight, he told the Nagai that his father was Kol Skywalker, whom Nihl had killed on Ossus, and began to use his rage against Nihl, despite warnings from Sazen. Syn entered the fight and hit the Nagai with a blaster bolt, but promptly got Force-pushed away. Afterwards, Skywalker kicked Nihl off a cliff, and got everyone on board the Mynock and took off. While aboard the ship, Skywalker heard that Fel was dying. When the former Jedi offered his help, Draco attacked him, blaming Skywalker for the condition she was in. Draco eventually stood down and let Skywalker help her. The bounty hunter healed Fel with the same Force technique he used to heal Sazen seven years earlier, despite Sazen's objections.[19]

Vendaxa aftermathEdit

""Who I am… what I am… is also part of your legacy… and your destiny!"
"Kark this "destiny" sludge. I make my own way!"
―Darth Vader's Force ghost and Skywalker[src]
Luke demands Cade help Hosk

Luke Skywalker's Force ghost tells Skywalker to save Hosk Trey'lis.

After the group arrived on the Imperial stronghold Bastion, which was controlled by Emperor-in-exile Roan Fel's forces, Skywalker slipped away and left Blue and Syn on their own, stating to Sazen that he could not trust Syn anymore. Skywalker offered a ride to Sazen and Vao, but told them to not get any ideas regarding him rejoining the Jedi Order.[19] Skywalker later found out that Emperor Fel ordered five homing beacons placed on the Mynock, and Skywalker managed to locate and disable all of them.[20]

Later, Skywalker, Sazen, and Vao traveled to a space station called The Wheel, located in the Besh Gorgon system. Skywalker was being pursued by agents of Krayt's Empire, including his mother Nyna Calixte—who went once more under the guise of Morrigan Corde—and Jor Torlin, who accompanied Corde.[21] The two Imperial agents tracked him to Ossus; however, Corde decided to stop hunting her son, and killed Torlin shortly after landing on Ossus.[7] Skywalker proceeded to the ruins of the Ossus Jedi Praxeum, where, after ingesting several death sticks, he had visions of his ancestors Mara Jade and Anakin Skywalker, who transformed into Darth Vader and warned him of the perils of falling to the dark side. Skywalker was then found by his former Master K'Kruhk, who healed his mental trauma. After Sazen and Vao arrived, Skywalker asked Sazen to complete his Jedi training. Sazen accepted, and Skywalker began his training again under the tutelage of both Sazen and K'Kruhk. During a sparring session with Vao, they both fell into a repository of priceless Jedi artifacts, whereupon they were attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong warriors Liaan Lah and Choka Skell.[5]

The Yuuzhan Vong Master Shaper Nei Rin ordered both Lah and Skell to cease their attack on the two Jedi. Rin, once a friend of Kol Skywalker and the leader of the terraforming project championed by the Jedi Order, revealed herself as the keeper of the Jedi artifacts left on Ossus after the massacre, and claimed that Skywalker should become their keeper; however, Skywalker refused. After being confronted by Sazen about his fears, Skywalker was once more visited by his ancestor Luke Skywalker, who told him to fix his mistake of turning in fellow Jedi Hosk Trey'lis by rescuing him on Coruscant. As Skywalker prepared to leave, Rin gave him his father's lightsaber, and K'Kruhk gave him the astromech droid R2-D2, who had served the Skywalker family for generations, to serve aboard the Mynock.[12]

In the Dragon's clawsEdit

"You came willingly here…why risk yourself to save me? You look for forgiveness. You look for healing."
"You want the truth? I turned you in so nobody'd know I was a Jedi. Which didn't work out anyway. I'm saving you because I got this rule—no one dies for me."
―Hosk Trey'lis and Skywalker[src]

Skywalker's approach to Coruscant was detected by both Imperial forces and Darth Krayt himself, but the bounty hunter was able to elude the 1st Imperial Center Core Defense Squadron that was sent to apprehend him. Hiding in the depths of the planet's underworld, he left R2-D2 in charge of the Mynock and walked towards Rik's Cantina, blasting a would-be mugger and scaring off his cronies in the process. At the cantina, Skywalker encountered two old friends, the Wookiee Chak and the Devaronian Kee, who asked where Chak's ship, the Grinning Liar, was. Skywalker said that he had no clue where Syn and Blue had taken Chak's ship, and his impertinence offended the Wookiee, but amused the owner of the establishment, Queen Jool the Hutt. He left the access codes to his ship with Jool in case he did not return from the Temple of the Sith, instructing her to turn them over to his former crew mates if they showed up.[10]

Skywalker entered the Temple using secret routes that he had discovered during his days as a Jedi, and, sensing his charge through the Force, found Hosk Trey'lis manacled to a wall inside the structure. When he released Trey'lis, the Bothan attempted to warn him that he had given in and betrayed his would-be rescuer, but Skywalker would have none of it, retorting that no one died for him. As they made their way out, they were ambushed by Darth Talon, who waited for them by a long causeway. She subdued Trey'lis with a Force push, and enraged Skywalker by telling him he and his quarry were both wanted alive. Skywalker's eyes shifted, signifying his enthrallment by the dark side, and he overpowered the Twi'lek Sith. His victory faded fast, though, as Darth Nihl suddenly appeared, using the Force to choke him into submission. Nihl went on to inform Krayt of his victory.[10]

Encounter with Darth KraytEdit

"The way of the Jedi failed you—as it failed me. The way of the Sith can show you how to make use of all that you are. If you wish it."
"I do wish it. Teach me the ways of the Sith…Master."
―Skywalker and Darth Krayt[src]
Krayt&#039;s throne room

Skywalker in Darth Krayt's throne room.

Following his capture, Skywalker was tortured by the Devaronian Sith Darth Maladi, who used a lethal dose of ixetal cilona, a chemical that was used to make death sticks, though the poison had no effect due to Skywalker's past usage of death sticks and powerful Force abilities, boosting his immunity to it. Darth Krayt acknowledged that Skywalker had more power than he had ever seen in any Jedi. Krayt wanted Skywalker to join him, but the former Jedi refused the offer from his father's true murderer. Krayt had imprisoned Syn and Blue, and while they were in the Sith's hands, Maladi implanted Yuuzhan Vong Yorik-Kul seeds into them. She then used Force lightning on Blue and Syn, which mutated their bodies. Skywalker had no option but to help both of his friends by using the Force to heal them. After the Sith let Blue and Syn go, Krayt invited Skywalker with Talon and his most loyal Sith advisor, Darth Wyyrlok, to his chambers. Krayt surprised Skywalker by showing the former Jedi his father's lightsaber encased in transparisteel, giving Kol Skywalker a place of honor. Skywalker was further surprised when Krayt revealed his knowledge about the Jedi, and his former identity of the Jedi Master A'Sharad Hett, who served during the Clone Wars.[22]

Krayt told Skywalker about his confrontation with Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi—who had mentored Skywalker's ancestors Anakin and Luke—on the Sith Lord's homeworld of Tatooine, near the Lars homestead where Luke Skywalker was raised. Krayt also told of how he was cast out of both Tusken and Jedi society. After finishing his story, Krayt found Skywalker to be barely moved. Talon attacked Skywalker after he mocked Krayt, and she was nearly killed when the former Jedi used the Force to slam her into a pillar. He then made use of his healing ability to re-open her recently healed wounds, but Krayt prevented the Twi'lek's death. The Dread Lord then asked Skywalker to allow Krayt to mentor him, focusing his anger into strength through the Sith teachings. Skywalker agreed, and was ordered to heal Talon, as she would become his Sith Master.[4] During his Sith training, Skywalker developed an intimate relationship with Talon, as well as a deep bond that was created when he healed her. After they slept together, Talon informed Krayt that he was just pretending to be a Sith. Regardless, Krayt was sure that he would fall to their side permanently.[23]

Escape from the DragonEdit

"There is no escape through that window—it's a sheer drop! If you jump, you die—and you doom the galaxy to chaos!"
"The galaxy can look after itself."
―Darth Krayt and Skywalker[src]

The next day, in an attempt to ensure Skywalker's fall, Krayt placed him in a Yuuzhan Vong torture device known as the Embrace of Pain, while Krayt continued to tell Skywalker about his own fall to the dark side. Later, Skywalker was able to free himself and tried to escape the Temple, but was caught by Talon. He was taken back to Krayt, where he was ordered to kill Hosk Trey'lis or die. After Skywalker refused to kill the Bothan Jedi, Krayt killed Trey'lis himself, evoking Skywalker's anger. However, Kol Skywalker's Force ghost appeared to Skywalker, and told him that which can heal can also break. Using his power, Skywalker shattered the transparisteel case containing his father's lightsaber. After acquiring the lightsaber, Skywalker stabbed Talon through her stomach as she tried to attack him. When he engaged Nihl in a lightsaber duel, Skywalker drew on his anger.[24]

Skywalker defeated Nihl by severing his arm and throwing him against a wall. Krayt ordered Skywalker to murder Nihl in an effort to tip the former Jedi over to the dark side permanently. However, Skywalker refused and engaged the Dark Lord in combat. During their duel, Skywalker remarked that he saw through the Force just how sick Krayt truly was, and questioned whether the rest of the Sith would be willing to follow him if they knew of Krayt's true condition. He taunted Krayt, saying that if he died, he would die as himself, but if Krayt killed him, Krayt would condemn himself to death as a mindless Yuuzhan Vong growth. Just as their duel was reaching its climax, Skywalker's mother, Morrigan Corde, blasted open the window behind them and shot Krayt in the back, and ordered Skywalker to run. He then jumped out of the window and was rescued aboard the Mynock by Syn, who pulled him inside. Corde revealed to Skywalker over a comlink that she was his mother; when he demanded answers from her, she replied that he would not receive any. The Mynock then escaped the planet and jumped to hyperspace.[25]

Reunion with the RawksEdit

"You know that Sith ways can only lead to the dark side."
You showed me a new trick in the Sith Temple, Dad! Breaking stuff with the Force! That lead to the light side?!"
"I showed you that technique as a tool—and only so you can defend yourself."
"What makes you think you can just appear after seven years and start dictating what I do? If you didn't want me using that technique as a weapon, then you never shoulda shown it to me."
―Kol and Cade Skywalker[src]
Cade and his uncle on Iego

Skywalker meets with his uncle, "Bantha" Rawk.

Shortly after he escaped the Sith's clutches, Skywalker, accompanied by Chak, Kee, and Syn, went after Rav on his base on Soccoro in an attempt to recover the Grinning Liar. After a brief fight, the crime lord handed the ship over and was forced to swear the Bloody Bones oath to Skywalker. After placing Naxy Screeger, who helped the crew infiltrate Rav's base, in the cargo hold, Skywalker set course for the planet Iego where his uncle "Bantha" Rawk[26]—who had abandoned his identity as Nat Skywalker[8]—resided. When the Mynock made it to Iego, Skywalker and his crew assisted Rawk and his family in defending their home against a group of mercenaries working for the Black Sun crime syndicate.[26]

Four days later, while Skywalker's crew and his cousins Ahnah, Skeeto, and the adopted Cathar Micah enjoyed a pool party, Skywalker conferred with his uncle and informed him that he met his mother. Rawk told Skywalker about the history between his parents, and how Corde had abandoned them. After Skywalker and Rawk rejoined the others, they viewed a broadcast of the massacre of the Mon Calamari. Skywalker also saw an arrest warrant stating he was a terrorist who had attacked the Sith Temple. When the report mentioned the fact that he was a Skywalker, he confirmed his identity to his cousins. Rawk then berated his nephew for not thinking, and the two attacked each other.[8]

Later, Skywalker woke up during the night and went to the Mynock to use his death sticks. When he arrived on his ship, Luke and Kol Skywalker's Force ghosts tried to counsel Cade. When Luke suggested that Cade use Jedi meditation techniques to clear his head, Cade mentioned that he learned Sith methods as well, and asked if he should try some of those. His father warned him of the dark side, and explained that his son's anger blocked him from appearing to the former Jedi during that period. Luke then warned Cade of events that he must be ready for. When their spirits departed, Skywalker used one of his death sticks to get relief for one night. Skywalker disembarked the Mynock under the drug's influence, and was attacked by a masked figure who followed him from Socorro. Skywalker was saved by the intervention of his uncle. However, the figure was Azlyn Rae, an old friend and fellow Padawan of Skywalker's before the Sith attacked Ossus.[8]

The next day, a scouting party of Imperials arrived looking for Skywalker, having heard from the surviving Black Sun mercenaries. Skywalker was determined to leave, but Rawk instructed him to hide. After Rae sent the Imperials off when she used a mind trick on their captain, Rawk suggested that his nephew change his name, appearance, ship, and friends, and advised Skywalker not ever to use the Force again. But Skywalker determined that he had to kill Darth Krayt in order to gain his freedom. Skywalker pointed that the current Sith Order was having internal conflicts, and with Krayt dead, they would turn on each other. But Skywalker needed allies; he did not trust Emperor-in-exile Roan Fel, and did not know enough information about the Galactic Alliance Admiral Gar Stazi. Skywalker expressed his belief that there were not any other Jedi to find, until Rawk revealed the existence of a Hidden Jedi Temple.[8]

The Hidden TempleEdit

"Maybe it's the will of the Force that the Jedi destroy this monster who was one of their own—before he destroys them!"
―Skywalker makes his case for assassinating Darth Krayt to the Jedi Council[src]
Legacy -25 council

Skywalker meets the new Jedi Council.

Skywalker, along with his uncle, Rae, and the Mynock's crew, traveled to the planet Taivas in order to access the Hidden Jedi Temple, which was founded by Rawk back when he was a Jedi as a refuge for the Jedi Order during a worst-case scenario. When the Mynock landed, Skywalker and his crew discovered that they were followed by the Imperial Knights Marasiah Fel, Antares Draco, and Ganner Krieg, who were secretly guided there by Rae. After a brief confrontation between the Jedi and the Imperial Knights, both parties put away their weapons at Wolf Sazen's request. Skywalker immediately realized it was Rae who betrayed them, and after he demanded to know why, he was told by Marasiah Fel that Rae was in fact an Imperial Knight. When the Imperials explained that they were on a mission of peace, Sazen informed them that the Jedi Council would receive them. This new Jedi Council was formed by the Clone Wars veterans K'Kruhk and the Neti T'ra Saa, as well as the Chadra-Fan Tili Qua.[27]

When they met with the Council, Skywalker informed the Masters of Darth Krayt's former identity, and told the Council that Krayt was dying. He proposed his plan to assassinate Krayt, arguing that the Sith Lord had no heir to his throne, and that it was Krayt's will alone that kept his followers from turning on each other. The Council initially refused, saying that assassination was not the Jedi way. Skywalker retorted that Krayt had already killed countless innocents in an attempt to achieve his "vision" of a unified galaxy. He argued that perhaps it was the will of the Force that Krayt be destroyed, and that they needed to kill Krayt before he tracked Skywalker down and forced him to use his healing powers. The Council told Skywalker that they would meditate on his plan.[27] Later that night, Vao took Skywalker for a tour around the Temple in a speeder. They stopped in a field near the Temple, and Vao attacked Skywalker in an attempt to force his friend into realizing that he had gone further into the dark side then he realized. Skywalker eventually gained the upper hand during their duel and defeated the Jedi, stating that Vao had no idea what he was. He began using his healing powers on Vao, explaining that he could see where a being was weak or broken, and could pour the Force in those "breaks" just enough to heal. After Skywalker started to use the Force to open Vao's wounds, he stopped, and reasoning to Vao that he was in control of his actions.[28]

After Vao and Skywalker returned to the Temple, they found that Sazen was waiting for them. Sazen revealed that he could knew what his former apprentices were doing, and asked Skywaker to swear not to use any of the Sith teachings he learned. Skywalker refused, stating that he was neither Sith or Jedi and that the ways of the Force were tools. After the conversation, Sazen informed the former Jedi that the Council had reached its decision on Skywalker's proposal to assassinate Darth Krayt. The Council ultimately decided not to support Skywalker's plan, fearing that if Krayt died another Sith would take his place, or that the Sith would fracture, making them more dangerous. Despite this, Skywalker decided to follow through with assassinating Krayt with the help of his crew. Draco, Krieg, and Rae joined him under orders from Fel, and Vao also decided to come with them, in order to ensure that Skywalker would not fall to the dark side.[28]

An ancient threatEdit

"You know exactly what must be done. Without anger. Without fear."
"Yeah, I know the song. We take what we are given. We do what we must."
―Celeste Morne and Skywalker[src]

Skywalker infected by the Rakghoul plague.

Skywalker and his allies headed for the Deep Core; while journeying there, Rae tried to talk with him, but he refused to listen to her. During his meditations, he received a vision of a female Jedi. After this, the Mynock was pulled out of hyperspace and into the path of the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer Iron Sun. Once inside, Skywalker and his allies split up to explore the ship. He and his party eventually came across a group of rakghouls, mindless beasts that plagued the planet Taris back in the days of the Old Republic. During a brief skirmish with them, Skywalker and Rae were wounded, and the skirmish was ended when the woman Skywalker had envisioned, Jedi Master Celeste Morne regained control of the rakghouls. When Morne saw that Skywalker and Rae had been infected by the Rakghoul plague, she seperated them from their crew and imprisoned them. Morne told the two about her life, such as how the Muur Talisman attached itself to her and Morne's confrontations with Skywalker's ancestors Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. When the plague began to transform Skywalker and Rae, he asked Morne if the plague was a disease or the work of the Force. When Morne told him that it was an affliction, the former Jedi realized that he could cure it, and used his healing powers to rid himself and Rae of the plague. This impressed both Morne—who agreed to join Skywalker and his allies in their quest to assassinate Darth Krayt—and Karness Muur's spirit.[11]

Skywalker and his team journeyed to the planet Had Abbadon, where they attacked the local Imperial base. During the battle, Morne allowed the Sith Lord Darth Reave to escape so that he could inform Krayt of the attack. The party then settled in to wait for Krayt. Skywalker prevented Rae from killing Morne and destroying the Talisman; as they argued, Skywalker and Rae both realized that their old feelings for each other had resurfaced. They spent the night together until Muur's voice interrupted them. The former Jedi went to confront Morne, and told her Muur was playing mind games with him and his friends. He warned Morne that if Muur did not stop, he would shove her and the Talisman into a rocket and send it into a black hole at the center of the Core.[29] Later, Morne sent Krayt a message, showing the Dark Lord that Skywalker was her prisoner, and claimed that Muur had the power to heal Krayt. The Dark Lord traveled to Had Abbadon with Darths Wyyrlok, Maladi, Talon, and Stryfe. Once there, Skywalker and his allies sprang the trap, with Morne unleashing her rakghouls on Krayt while Skywalker fought Talon. As they dueled, the Twi'lek Sith told Skywalker that the bond they shared was driving him closer to the dark side. However, Skywalker managed to defeat Talon once more, using the Force to shove her against a pillar.[30]


Skywalker uses the Force to destroy the Muur Talisman.

During the battle, Morne, who was under Muur's influence, declared that Skywalker and his allies' usefulness was over, and turned the rakghouls against them. Skywalker fought Stryfe and quickly defeated him with assistance from Syn's explosives. Soon after this, Morne blasted both Krayt and Rae, who impaled the Dark Lord through his back with her lightsaber, with Force lightning. Morne regained control of herself and used the Force to throw Krayt over a cliff. After the battle's conclusion, Skywalker was enraged that Rae had been hurt, but Morne asked him if he actually thought he and his team would escape unscathed. The Jedi Master then admitted that she was losing control of Muur, telling Skywalker that she was amazed that he was not tempted by the Talisman's power. She asked Skywalker to kill her and he complied, igniting his lightsaber and thrusting it through her chest, killing her. As Morne's body dissolved into dust, the Talisman attached itself to him, with Muur rejoicing over being free of Morne. However, Skywalker proved to truly be above Muur's influence, and used the Force to obliterate the Talisman, vanquishing the ancient Sith Lord for good.[31]

Skywalker then rushed to Rae and attempted to use his healing powers on her, but Rae was too wounded for it to completely work. Syn and Vao advised Skywalker to let her go, but he refused, saying he would keep trying until he could find a medical facility. Blue suggested taking Rae to his aunt Droo on her homeworld Kiffex, and Skywalker agreed. As they tried to leave, Krieg and Draco tried to prevent the former Jedi and his crew from taking Rae, but Skywalker refused, since they tried to secure the Talisman for Emperor Fel. As Skywalker boarded the ship with Rae, Vao prevented the Imperial Knights from boarding as the Mynock was taking off. Skywalker and his crew then set a course for Kiffex.[31]

A desperate planEdit

"Bantha! You have to promise to save her. No matter how. Promise!"
―Skywalker to his uncle "Bantha" Rawk[src]
Azlyn thanks Cade

Azlyn Rae "thanks" Skywalker for her new armor.

Skywalker continued to use his healing powers to keep Rae alive until they reached Kiffex. At one point, Rae regained consciousness and asked Skywalker to allow her to die. However, Skywalker refused, saying that he could not lose her again. After the Mynock was forced down by a storm, Bantha and Droo came to get them. Droo put Rae in a healing pod, and Bantha promised his nephew they would save her. Skywalker then collapsed from out of exhaustion from constantly using his healing powers. After waking from a nightmare, Skywalker went to help Bantha and Droo with healing Rae. However, Bantha refused to allow him to help, since his healing powers were pushing him to the dark side. With nothing else to do, Skywalker and Syn decided to go to a local town to relax. Before they left, Skywalker told Vao, who was returning to the Hidden Temple, to inform the Jedi Council of Darth Krayt's death.[32] Skywalker and Syn eventually ended up starting a fight with a gang outside a spacer's bar called Busted Blaster, located at the edge of the Trostlos Waste in the Ven Karya Spaceport. When a squad of Kiffu Guardians, including Ahnah, arrived, Skywalker would not stop fighting. He even went as far as to turn his blaster on Ahnah. The only thing that prevented the former Jedi from killing her was Syn standing in between them, which eventually caused Skywalker to calm down. To prevent Ahnah from arresting both of them, Syn distracted her by kissing her, and then knocked her into unconsciousness using a dart.[33]

When Skywalker returned the Rawk compound, Rae—who had been placed in a life-preserving suit that was constantly pumping bacta through her system—confronted him. was furious that Skywalker had not let her die, thus condemning her to live in a suit of armor. As Rae held Skywalker in her grasp, Blue pointed her blaster at Rae's head and instructed her to let him go. Rae released him from her grasp. Droo and Bantha walked in the room, and Droo berated her nephew for lying to her about Rae wanting to live. While Droo loved Skywalker because he was Bantha's nephew, she told Skywalker that he had to leave and not come back to the Rawks for a long time, perhaps never again. Bantha gave his nephew a deadline of two days to make the Mynock space-worthy, and then he wanted them gone. Skywalker, Syn, and Blue determined now that Krayt was dead, they could go to the Outer Rim and engage in smuggling, piracy, and bounty hunting. They then left Kiffex without saying any good-byes to the Rawk family.[33]

Stranded on TatooineEdit

"You're stuck where you were seven years ago, Cade—alone, adrift among the stars, high above the open grave of Ossus. Waiting for death. Continue as you are and this is your future. Even when you think you have lost everything. there is always more to lose. Is this what you want?"
"Good. Then decide what you do."
―Luke and Cade Skywalker[src]

Sometime after leaving Kiffex, Skywalker and his crew journeyed to the 5709-DC Shipping Lane of the Triellus Trade Route, and boarded an Imperial Star Destroyer which had been boarded by Black Sun captain Dovrin and his pirates. When Dovrin sent three of his henchmen to investigate the noise that Skywalker and his crew had made, they dealt with the henchmen. Skywalker used the Force to throw one of the henchmen, causing Dovrin to fire at him with his blaster. Skywalker redirected the bolt at the Cathar captain, killing him. The Imperial captain Piard, under the impression that Skywalker was a Jedi, thanked him and his crew, and Skywalker asked Imperial officer Guerno to bind the rest of the Black Sun mercenaries. Skywalker informed Piard that he would be taking his cargo, When the baffled Imperial captain questioned this, Skywalker used a mind trick on Piard and Guerno, making them believe that he and his crew were never there and that Black Sun took the Imperial's cargo. After leaving the Star Destroyer aboard the Mynock, Skywalker, Blue, and Syn were celebrating their recent acquisitions. However, Skywalker became distant and left the cockpit. Sometime after taking Piard's cargo, Skywalker traveled to Kaer, a gas giant in the Siskeen system in the Arkanis sector. He placed Naxy Screeger on Kaer Station, an abandoned tibanna gas mining platform which was now the fortress of the Black Sun Vigo Lun Rask. Skywalker charged the Sakiyan with monitoring Rask's actions, and the bounty hunter and his crew traveled to Tatooine. After arriving in the spaceport of the Mos Eisley settlement, Blue told Skywalker that the Mynock needed a new trivalve assembly, and Skywalker promised to buy the part when he sold the cargo to the black marketeer Muz, known as "the Fence".[34]


Skywalker uses the Force to choke Imperial pilot Gunn Yage.

He went to meet Muz, who intended to purchase the cargo for a quarter of what he normally paid for it. Skywalker attempted to bully the Muun into accepting the usual rates, but Muz refused to pay him any more than he offered. Skywalker agreed, with Muz suggesting that Skywalker leave Tatooine before Black Sun tracked him and his crew down. Skywalker was contacted by Screeger, who told the bounty hunter that he was not going to monitor Rask's actions anymore. Skywalker met with Blue and Syn, and told them they were stuck on Tatooine due to the fact that Muz would not pay the normal rate for the cargo; hence, they would not be able to purchase a trivalve assembly for the Mynock.They eventually decided to disguise Blue as an Imperial missionary so that they could run a scam on the locals. Blue expressed her fears that Muz would betray them to Black Sun, but Skywalker said he had told the Muun that he was "Luke Skywalker."[34] While Blue was working on the Imperial missionary scam, Skywalker and Syn headed to a local cantina known as Gusha's Luck which was owned by the Lepi Gusha. The Imperial pilot Gunn Yage—who, unbeknownst to both herself and Skywalker, was Skywalker's half-sister—came up to the bar and lied to Skywalker about wanting someone discreet to transport goods from Tatooine to Rishi. Yage ordered two Merenzane Gold drinks and slipped a tranquilizer into Skywalker's. As soon as he drank his, Skywalker immediately felt the effects of the narcotics, and Yage helped him out of the cantina. The Black Sun assassins Ku Vrat and Sint and Nakia Yoru were outside the cantina monitering both Skywalker and Yage's actions, waiting for an opportunity to kill them.[13]

Yage attempted to take Skywalker back to the local Imperial base, which was headed by Moff Nieve Gromia. After Yage had a conversation over a comlink with Morrigan Corde, who was on the planet for business with Gromia, Skywalker woke up in the backseat of the speeder, and was stunned by the set of stun cuffs attached to him. As they were traveling, Skywalker used the Force to choke Yage. After a brief struggle, Yage lost control of the speeder as Vrat and the Yorus opened fire on them. Skywalker demanded Yage to give him his weapons, but Yage refused, and attempted to call for backup. The bounty hunter instructed Yage to take cover since there was a sandstorm approaching. During the sandstorm, Yage released Skywalker from his cuffs, and the two determined that they needed to get moving in an attempt to evade the assassins.[13]


Luke Skywalker shows Cade the consequences of continuing down his path

As Skywalker and Yage made their way through the desert, Luke Skywalker's Force ghost appeared to Cade and began to guide him through the desert. After reaching an abandoned moisture farm, Skywalker and Yage got into argument, which resulted in Yage pulling her blaster on him. The former Jedi used the Force to take the blaster from Yage's grip. Yage managed to take Skywalker's Rawk-chopped special, but was unable to fire it. After Skywalker told Yage to give him his weapons back, she mentioned that her father, Rulf Yage, fought against the Jedi during the Massacre at Ossus. Skywalker and Yage had an argument regarding the Jedi's backing of the Yuuzhan Vong and the events of the Massacre.[35]

Later while Cade was resting, he had a vision in which Luke Skywalker woke him up and told him that his Aunt Beru Lars was calling them. During a meal with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, Cade and Luke had a discussion about the bounty hunter's recent actions. One moment later, Cade and Luke were in a speeder heading to the Lars homestead. Luke explained that the burnt corpses were those of the Lars', and said that he grieved for them after following Obi-Wan Kenobi and joining the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire. Luke told Cade that he lived in a consistent state of revenge, causing him to push everyone he cared about away. Cade retorted that anyone, including family, who sided against him deserved what they got. Luke stated that Cade's viewpoint was similar to a Sith's, and Cade attacked Luke. When Cade stated that the light and dark sides were tools, Luke told him that this viewpoint was a lie, and that there were consequences to Cade's actions. Luke deactivated his lightsaber and refused to fight Cade, telling to strike him down and join the Sith. After Cade reiterated that he just wanted to be left alone, Luke replied that the galaxy would never leave him alone, and showed Cade the consequences of continuing down his path. When Cade replied that he did not wish to continue down this path, Luke departed.[35]

Confronting Morrigan CordeEdit

"Sithspawn! What'd you do?! We had a deal!"
"Ughk! Rask never would have kept it. You…would have never gotten off this station alive."
"Not your pronlem. If he broke the deal, I'd have come back and finished him! I gave my word! That has to be able to stand for something! This some kinda game to you?"
"No…uhgk…I'm your mother!"
"Mother? Mother?! And that means what?! After all this time, you suddenly care?! You abandoned me! You let Dad die!"
―Skywalker and Morrigan Corde[src]
Cade Morrigan

Skywalker uses Force lightning against his mother, Morrigan Corde.

After the vision was complete, Skywalker awoke to find Nakia Yoru attempting to consume his brain. Skywalker shoved Nakia off of him, and engaged her husband in unarmed combat. He grabbed his blaster and shot at Sint Yoru, while Yage was fighting Nakia.[35] As they were fighting, Sint ignited a lightsaber he had taken off a Jedi he had killed, and attempted to fight Skywalker with it. However, the former Jedi used the Force to call his lightsaber, which was on Sint's belt, to him, and killed the Anzati. As he prepared to kill Nakia, who had defeated Yage, she attempted to consume his brain once more. Nakia Yoru was defeated by Yage when the Imperial pilot shot the Anzati with her blaster, which was set for stun. Skywalker instructed Yage to put binders on Yoru, so that they could search outside for Ku Vrat. As they exited the homestead, Skywalker and Yage found both Morrigan Corde and Jariah Syn—who had defeated the Blood Carver—waiting for them. After Corde instructed Yage to deal with Moff Gromia, Skywalker took the opportunity to disgust Yage before she left for the local Imperial base.[36]

Skywalker, Syn, and Corde took Nakia Yoru back to her ship, where Yoru told them that her employer was Vigo Lun Rask. Skywalker, Syn, and Corde commandeered Yoru's ship and headed to Kaer Station. During the trip, Skywalker had a conversation with Corde regarding her role in the Empire in the events leading up to and during the Massacre at Ossus. When Corde said that she had been serving the Empire on Coruscant during the seven years after the Massacre at Ossus, Skywalker remarked that she was serving the Empire that had seemingly killed him and that had killed his father. When Skywalker, Syn, and Corde arrived near Kaer Station, they took Yoru out of stasis and demanded that the Anzati pilot her ship in the station. Yoru initially refused, but complied to Skywalker's demand when Corde informed the Anzat that she had injected her with a poison and would only give her the antidote if she piloted the ship. After landing, Skywalker confronted Rask and offered his services to the Vigo. When Rask agreed, Corde shot and killed him. Skywalker grabbed and lifted his mother off the ground with the Force, demanding to know why she killed Rask. When she replied that Rask would not have allowed him to escape, Skywalker retorted that he had given his word to the Vigo. He began to use Force lightning against Corde, and asked if the situation was a game to her. When she attempted to make him stop due to the fact that she was his mother, Skywalker stated that their family ties meant nothing to him. Syn implored Skywalker to stop torturing Corde, and Skywalker released Corde from his grasp. When Corde tried to talk to him, Skywalker told her to stay away from him and to find her own way off Kaer Station. Skywalker and Syn took Yoru's ship back to Tatooine to meet with Blue—who had successfully repaired the Mynock with the Imperial missionary Ethan Adare's assistance—and departed the planet.[36]

Mission to WaylandEdit

"I wish I knew what was eating at you. What's the big deal about this planet?"
"I was there the day it died, when everything went wrong. The first planet of so many. I saw the horror in my father's eyes. And I knew…right then…nothing was ever going to be right again…"
―Deliah Blue and Skywalker discuss the planet Wayland[src]
Cade Wayland

Skywalker, Syn, and Blue fight the deformed Myneyrshi on Wayland.

Skywalker, Syn and Blue eventually went to Queen Jool's new cantina on Zeltros, called the "Paradise". They were relaxing and enjoying themselves at a party when Rav and the Crimson Axe's crew met with them. Rav informed Skywalker that he had a job for them, but that the bounty hunters accompanying him also wanted the job. Both the Zabrak and Nikto bounty hunters attacked Skywalker, but he disabled both single-handedly, impressing Rav. Skywalker told Rav that he did not want the contract, but when Rav informed him that the job paid one million credits, Skywalker listened to what Rav had to say. After they negotiated terms, Rav told Skywalker that the job was on Wayland. Later aboard the Mynock, Skywalker awoke from a death stick-induced slumber when he had a vision of Wolf Sazen telling Skywalker he would find him. Blue discovered the death sticks and berated Skywalker for using them, and he told her that he did not want to go to Wayland. After she tried to reassure him about the mission to Wayland, Blue implored Skywalker to allow her to help him. Before she left his cabin, Skywalker told Blue that he was on Wayland when the planet was destroyed by the Sith's sabotage of the Yuuzhan Vong terraforming project.[9]

After landing on Wayland, Skywalker, Syn, and Blue were made their way through the surface, battling the deformed Yuuzhan Vong plants that were attacking them. Skywalker informed Syn and Blue that the creature's deformations were caused by the contagious vongspawn virus. As he was conversing with Syn and Blue, a group of deformed Myneyrshi attacked them. Skywalker told Syn and Blue not to kill any of the attackers, stating that one of the attackers might be Roax, the Myneyrshi chieftan that Kol Skywalker knew. During the skirmish, Blue was captured and injured by the attackers. The creatures then emitted a loud scream which knocked Skywalker and Syn into unconsciousness. The Myneryshi seperated Syn and Blue, leaving Skywalker where he fell. Skywalker eventually woke to a clawbird picking at him. He promptly killed the animal, and used the Force to coerce another clawbird into helping him look for Syn and Blue. During the bird's flight, Skywalker employed the Force to sense where the Myneyrshi had taken Blue by drawing on their connection. He ordered the clawbird to drop him off near a deformed piece of terrain, and immediately sensed the presence of a Sith with Blue.[37]

Skywalker eventually found Blue, who was bound to an Embrace of Pain. He attempted to take a spineray off of Blue's back; however, his attempts at using his healing powers failed, nearly killing the Zeltron. When he tried to apologize, she told him to keep away, telling Skywalker that their time together had produced nothing but hurt for her. When he tried to reason with Blue, he was knocked into unconsciousness by a Yuuzhan Vong thud bug, which was thrown by the elder Yuuzhan Vong scientist Zenoc Quah. After Skywalker awoke, he discovered that he had been placed in a force field. As Quah was torturing Blue, the Sith Lord Darth Maladi revealed herself, and Skywalker threatened to use the Force to strangle her. The Sith told him that if he did, Blue would die as well, and further blamed Skywalker for the fact that Blue was being tortured, stating that the situation began when he injured Darth Krayt. She revealed that if Darth Krayt was deceased, a new Sith leader would need the advantage that only she could provide.[38]

Cade Maladi

Skywalker converses with Maladi, who has him in a force field.

Maladi told Skywalker that she was developing a biological weapon to keep the Sith in check while a new Sith leader secured his place. She further told the bounty hunter that she needed his assistance in testing the weapon. If Skywalker was not able to stop the weapon with his powers, she felt it would work on members of the Sith. He agreed to be Maladi's test subject provided that she let Blue go. Maladi refused, stating that Blue's pain fed Skywalker's dark emotions, and that in order to cure Blue the bounty hunter would have to give in to his anger and fear, allowing the dark side to flow through him. Since Blue was Maladi's test subject, Skywalker needed to try to heal the Zeltron. His success meant that Maladi's weapon was a failure, and vice versa. Skywalker said that he was not able to heal Blue, but Maladi retorted that he would reach a threshold at which his healing power would either kill or save Blue. Skywalker asked what would happen if he refused, and Quah continued to torture Blue. Maladi stated that his obedience to her was the only chance to save Blue. Skywalker complied, asking Maladi to take Blue out of the Embrace of Pain.[38]

Despite his best efforts to heal Blue, Skywalker tried to convince Maladi to let him cease in his attempts. However, she refused, and implored Skywalker to unleash his anger and surrender himself fully into darkness. As Skywalker continued in his efforts, Quah informed Maladi that intruders had broken into the laboratory; she instructed the scientist to relaese her experiments and to defend the laboratory. After Skywalker insulted her when she grew impatient with him, she used the Force to affect his mind in an attempt to show the former Jedi his fear. When she finished, Skywalker in turn used the Force to affect her mind, and revealed the Sith Lord's fears. She Force-pushed him away from her, and activated the laboratory's self-destruct sequence. After Maladi fled, Syn, Sazen, and their companion Fionah Ti arrived. As Ti attempted to halt the countdown, Skywalker was implored by Sazen to use the light side to heal Blue. Skywalker was reluctant at first, believing that the dark side was stronger, but was ultimately convinced by Sazen to try and heal Blue using the light side.[39]

As the sequence announced that the base would be destroyed in one minute, Skywalker told Syn that he would stay and try to save Blue. After Syn, Sazen, and Ti fled the laboratory, Skywalker was asked by Blue to kill her. He refused, and began to concentrate on using the light side to heal her. As he healed Blue, Skywalker focused on the love that he and Blue shared, and proclaimed his love for her. After he finished, the spineray detached itself from Blue's back. When the two kissed each other, the laboratory exploded, and Skywalker used the Force to shield himself and Blue from the debris. He then carried her unconscious form and reunited with Syn, Sazen, and Ti. Skywalker grudgingly admitted to Sazen that he was right about the light side's strength over the dark, and Sazen asked him to come back to the Jedi. However, Skywalker remarked that he knew who he was supposed to be, and what the Force had made him become. He declared his intention to make war with the Sith and their Order.[39]

Search for Vul IsenEdit

"Tell you what—right now, my pyroman's inside setting this place to blow. You tell me where Isen is—where he keeps his toxins—and you get to live."
"The truth will do you no good. This was Isen's lab, but he is no longer here—nor has he left his secrets behind. Vul Isen's knowledge is the source of his power, and he does not believe in sharing his power. The secrets to the planet-destroying toxins are Isen's alone."
―Cade Skywalker and the Sith Lord[src]

Skywalker kills Vul Isen, saving Utapau.

Eventually, the Sith Lord Darth Wyyrlok—who was now in control of the Empire—ordered the execution of the Final Protocol on the planet Dac. The Sith scientist Vul Isen poisoned Dac's oceans with viral spores, resulting in the deaths of millions of the local populace.[40] After hearing of this, Skywalker received information on Isen's location from Naxy Screeger, who informed him that his base was on the planet Daluuj. Skywalker, Sazen, and the Mynock's crew journeyed to Daluuj and attacked Isen's laboratory there. After discovering that Isen was not on planet, he interrogated a Sith Lord, who told him that Isen had not left any information behind that could be used against him. Syn informed Skywalker that the charges that they placed in the laboratory were armed, and escaped aboard the Mynock as the laboratory was destroyed.[41]

As they were traveling through space, Skywalker was becoming frustrated over not being able to locate Isen. As he was speaking with Syn in the cockpit, Luke Skywalker's Force ghost briefly conferred with Cade, warning him to prepaare himself for an upcoming trial. After Luke's Force ghost departed, Cade and Syn received a message from Queen Jool, who asked them to meet with her and Vedo Anjiliac Atirue on Nal Hutta.[41] Upon arriving at Vedo Anjiliac Atirue's headquarters on Nal Hutta, Skywalker and his crew were greeted by Screeger, who asked that Skywalker pay him for the information on Isen. The bounty hunter refused since the information was bad, and refused to let Skywalker's crew in Vedo's chambers. When Skywalker objected, Screeger pressed a button which caused the massive door to separate them from Skywalker's crew. The former Jedi was forced to defend himself against a series of battle droids; when he defeated them, Vedo congratulated Skywalker and told him that the droids were a test to see if Skywalker was as capable as Jool had told him.


"I get it now, everything that's happened all my life… You shaped me to do this. Doesn't matter if I'm a Jedi or not.. Or if I'm a Skywalker or not. Everyone has a destiny. This one is mine. I can feel it in my gut. So, me and Krayt… One final round. Never expected to get old. Never figured to die in bed. I got a job to do -- Even if it's my last."
―Cade Skywalker, speaking of a vision of himself and Krayt.[src]

Cade informed Sazen about his vision, and Sazen told the Jedi Council that Krayt was alive. Later, Cade began having visions of himself killing Sazen and his uncle under Krayt's orders. Cade told Sazen about this, and Sazen said that despite rejecting the Sith, Cade was still drawn to the dark side. He also told him that the Jedi Council was only listening to him partly because Sazen was vouching for him, and partly because any possibility that Krayt was alive should be taken seriously. However, Cade believed that the Jedi weren't going to do anything and left with Jariah and Deliah. Cade, Jariah and Deliah talked about Cade's plans to stop Krayt. Although they did not understand the Force, Jariah and Deliah promised to help Cade in his plans.[42]

Cade Skywalker and his companions then traveled to Falleen and attacked the Imperial cruiser Krayt had sent to bombard the planet. They were joined by Rogue Squadron, sent by Admiral Stazi of the Galactic Alliance Remnant in defense of the planet. After boarding the cruiser, Cade received a transmission from his mother telling him that they needed to meet on The Wheel in three days. After tossing explosives into the cruiser's reactor core, Cade sent a transmission to Krayt, promising to kill the Dark Lord once more and for good. With Falleen secured, Cade and his allies followed Rogue Squadron back to Stazi's fleet.[43] Unknown to Cade, his journey to kill Krayt was actually playing right into the Sith's hands. Krayt wanted Cade to find him so he could undergo what he had endured at Wyyrlok's hands: 'death' and rebirth. Krayt believed that this would force Cade to serve him.


Cade forgives his mother.

Cade and his friends arrived at the Wheel, only to find it in ruins due to an Imperial attack after the owner tried to enforce his 'no weapons' rule. The three arrived at Corde's quarters, and after waiting for a while met a dying Calixte. Syn and Blue attacked her, but Calixte revealed that she and Corde were one and the same. Cade sensed she was telling the truth, and asked his friends to leave them alone. Calixte told Cade that she didn't expect forgiveness for her actions, but that she was trying to make amends for them. Calixte told him that she had been discovered as Fel's spy and poisoned by Morlish Veed, but had still managed to escape. In response, Cade told her that he couldn't heal her because he only ever healed Blue with the light side, and that worked because he immensely loved her. At that point, Kol appeared and convinced Cade to try to save his mother. Cade tried, but his memories of her past misdeeds started to push him to the dark side. Kol managed to calm Cade by telling him to forgive Calixte, as he already had. This, combined with seeing his parents reaffirm that they loved each other, convinced Cade to forgive his mother and he successfully healed her with the light side.

With a recovered Corde officially joining the crew, Cade and his companions prepared to leave the Wheel. But as they were boarding the Mynock, they were greeted by Darth Talon. She said Krayt had gotten his message, and sent her with one of his own. She said it was in his ship and departed. The group entered the Mynock to find Antares Draco frozen in carbonite. After thawing him out, they were informed of what had happened to the Imperial Knight: he had infiltrated Korriban to rescue Princess Fel, been captured by his fallen master, and broken into revealing the location of the Jedi's temple on Taivas. Cade sent a priority message to Taivas and immediately set course for the temple.[43]

The Battle of TaivasEdit

"So it ends here. Doesn't matter. Gotta die sometime."
"Not you, boy—At least not today.'"
―Cade Skywalker and Rawk[src]

Cade arrived at the temple and was summoned by the Council. The council was discussing with Admiral Stazi and Roan Fel on how to respond to the situation. Stazi and Fel recommended the Jedi evacuate, but Cade said doing so would only allow the Sith to slaughter them without a fight. Cade mentioned that Taivas was a natural fortress against orbital bombardment, and suggested they lure the Sith-Imperial forces into a trap. The combined leaders agreed on this, and the allies at the temple prepared for the coming attack.


Cade and his uncle fight Sith in defense of the Hidden Temple.

When the combined Sith-Imperial armada arrived, it took casualties due to friendly fire because of Taivas' magnetic field disabling their auto-targeting systems. This forced the Sith-Imperials to engage the Jedi on the ground. Cade took part in the battle when the Sith attempted to storm the temple. During the fight, Cade recounciled with his uncle, who had decided to return to the Jedi until Krayt was defeated. When Cade and Nat were satisfied that the Sith-Imperials were engaged in the battle, they sprung the trap: sending a private signal, the Jedi summoned the Galactic Alliance and Fel Empire fleets to Taivas, trapping the Sith-Imperials on all sides.[44] However, what the allies at Taivas didn't know was that Krayt had foreseen their maneuver, and made arrangements for this to work in his favor. Just when victory for the allied forces seemed assured, Krayt played his secret trump card: a fleet of new Sith troopers, led by Darth Nihl, dropped out of hyperspace and joined the battle. The allies were surprised at the new arrivals, and took heavy casualties from them. The troopers joined the battle both in the air and on the ground, destroying anything that stood in their way to the Jedi Temple, even the Sith-Imperial forces who weren't able to escape their path.

Cade, like everyone else, was shocked by the new Sith troopers, but he still believed their plan to deal Krayt's empire a serious blow could work. The order to evacuate the temple was given, and the ships that made up the temple detached and set a course for Bastion, accompanied by the Alliance Remnant, loyalist Imperials and a number of recent Sith-Imperial defectors. Cade remained behind to protect the allies' secret weapon: T'ra Saa. As a Sith ship made a collision course run on the remains of the temple, Cade thought he wasn't going to make it. But Nat pushed him out a open window and then helped T'ra Saa set off her stored force energy, taking any Sith caught in the blast with them. Cade was deeply shaken by his uncle's demise, and took his rage out on a group of Sith Troopers who managed to get on board the Mynock, even tapping into the dark side to gain the advantage. But Corde managed to convince Cade to keep one of the troopers alive so they could find a weakness in Krayt's newest weapon. As the Mynock headed for Bastion, Cade was tended to by Deliah Blue, who also comforted him as he mourned the loss of his uncle. Unknown to Cade, Roan Fel was now willing to betray him; having been pushed beyond his limits with the defeat at Taivas, the Emperor turned to a captured Darth Maladi and agreed to her offer of assistance: her Omega Red virus for her right to kill Cade.[45]

A Jedi once moreEdit

"My eyes are open. I have seen the vision. I understand now. No more doubts or questions. I know my place in the galaxy. I know who I am... I am a Jedi. And you are not my Master."
―Cade Skywalker, as he kills Darth Krayt[src]

Cade kills Darth Krayt.

While the Alliance and the Empire took refuge in Bastion, Cade heard about the allies' plans to attack Coruscant. He talked with Jariah and admitted that he blamed himself for the deaths in Taivas. However, Jariah said that the soldiers on Taivas died because they chose to fight. Shaking off his doubts, Cade decided to join the attack. The Mynock transported a strike team to Coruscant. The strike team included Cade, Wolf Sazen, Shado Vao, Rasi Tuum, Sigel Dare, Ganner Krieg, Azlyn Rae and Morrigan Corde. Deliah and Jariah stayed on the Mynock while Cade and the strike team began the attack. Morrigan separated from the group and killed Morlish Veed, while Cade and the team fought against a group of Sith. Cade fought against Darth Talon again, and managed to pin her down. However, Wolf and Darth Stryfe killed each other, and Wolf became one with the Force. Cade was outraged by his former master's death, and Talon ran off to warn Krayt about Cade's growing power. Vao ordered Cade to chase after Talon, and he did.[46]

Cade confronted Krayt and the two engaged in battle. During the duel, Skywalker was injured to the point of death and saw Krayt's vision of the future which involved Coruscant burning, and Cade becoming his slave and then his host body. After returning from death, Cade announced that he now knew his place in the galaxy, summoned his lightsaber and killed Darth Krayt, proclaiming himself a Jedi.[47] Cade, however, knew that Krayt would revive himself. So, Cade told his mother his plan to take her ship and fly it straight into Coruscant's sun, destroying himself and Krayt's body. Grief-stricken but understanding, her mother gave him a locket that contained a holo of herself, Cade and his father.[47] As he flew the ship to the sun, Cade had a discussion with Krayt's spirit, who said that if his body was destroyed, he would use Cade's body to return. However, Cade remained resolute. Suddenly, the spirit of Luke Skywalker appeared to him. Luke urged Cade to accept hope and not to let fear shape his life. Accepting his ancestor's guidance, Cade escaped the ship before it collided with the sun.[47] Suddenly, Deliah and Jariah appeared with the Mynock and R2-D2 took him into the ship. The locket his mother had gave him contained a tracer that allowed Deliah and Jariah to find him. Cade, reunited with his friends, set course for a distant place where they could be in peace. When Jariah asked him where would they go, Cade replied that they would go forward, reciting the Jedi Code.[47]

Personality and traitsEdit

"You don't give a damn about the galaxy. You went after Krayt because he was after you. Azlyn? You weren't doing all that for nobody but you."
―Jariah Syn[src]

As a Jedi Padawan, the Human male[2] Skywalker wore a set of light brown Jedi robes.[6] During his tenure as a bounty hunter, he wore a long black overcoat and black trousers, along with a gold chestplate which had a Bloody Bones emblem on it.[15] After the Massacre at Ossus, Skywalker received a number of tattoos,[16] one of which represented his allegiance to Rav's crew.[12] When he agreed to train under the Sith,[4] he also had tattoos of Sith design applied to his body.[23][8] Skywalker spoke and comprehended several languages, including Basic, Huttese, and Shyriiwook.[2]

When he was a Padawan, Skywalker was very adventurous, and perhaps even reckless; he would sometimes forsake sleep in order to explore the Jedi Temple with Shado Vao,[10] and often teamed up with Azlyn Rae to pull pranks on his Master, Wolf Sazen.[11] This reckless nature, coupled with a display of overconfidence and a fierce loyalty to those that he cared about, culminated when he attempted to remain on Ossus and, at his father's side, help fight off legions of attacking Sith. During the battle, he was torn between obeying his father and helping him fight, and gave into his anger twice: when drawing on the dark side of the Force to revive Sazen, and after vowing revenge on the Sith who had killed his father.[3] As a bounty hunter, Skywalker, burdened by a past he wanted to forget, was temperamental and often selfish.[2] In an attempt to keep away visitations from an ancestor's Force ghost, he used and became addicted to death sticks,[16] even accepting them as payment for successful bounties, despite the protests of his partners, Syn and Blue. Indifferent to the greater galactic struggle between the Sith Empire and those who would resist it, Skywalker placidly collected the bounty on Hosk Trey'lis,[15] and, motivated by credits, plotted to betray Roan Fel's Empire to the Sith.[16] He told Sazen that the person he had been seven years before no longer existed; nevertheless, memories of what the Sith had done to his father on Ossus prompted him to attack Darth Talon with his blaster and with the Force.[17]

When he and his companions were forced into battle with a large group of Sith, Skywalker only took up arms against them after Marasiah Fel was struck down while saving his life.[18] Skywalker's vow of "No one dies for me" acted as his motivation, and again when he offered to draw on the dark side in order to save Fel's life.[19] From that point on, Skywalker would walk a fine line between the light and the dark sides of the Force, frequently unnerving his friends with displays of his dark side abilities, which he claimed he could use without falling to the dark.[28] He would also draw on his anger while claiming not to have fallen;[24] Skywalker thought of the Force as a tool, and that he was neither Sith nor Jedi.[28] Celeste Morne would claim that she had never met someone who was so close to, yet so resistant to the lure of the dark side.[31] Skywalker's selfish nature saw him abandon Syn and Blue on Bastion with no ship of their own.[19] It also played a part in his temporary resumption of his Jedi training, as, realizing that Darth Krayt had taken an interest in him, he felt that he needed self-defense. However, each new experience and exploit slowly transformed Skywalker into a respectful crusader;[2] although his reasoning for traveling to the Temple of the Sith on Coruscant was based on his vow of "No one dies for me", he did suspect that he might not return, and planned for Syn and Blue to be able to retrieve the Mynock if that were to happen.[10] His vow would later see him insist that his aunt and uncle heal his old friend Azlyn Rae, in spite of her wishes to be allowed to die.[32] Despite the slow progress that Skywalker was making away from his selfishness, he continued to use death sticks and, after being encouraged by the Force ghost of his father to cease doing so, lashed out at him for waiting seven years to appear.[8] Although Skywalker formulated a plan to assassinate Darth Krayt,[29] Syn accused him of doing so for selfish reasons.[33]

Skywalker often displayed a lack of respect for others, particularly those in positions of power, to the point where he would openly mock them in public.[4] He despised the Imperial Knights, and grew angry at Azlyn Rae after finding out that she was among their ranks;[27] he similarly did not trust Emperor Roan Fel.[8] Skywalker displayed an open lack of respect to his mother after meeting her for the first time since he was an infant, even using Force lightning against her.[36] By this time, however, Skywalker's frequent displays of anger were often calmed down by Syn.[33][36] Skywalker had also become more tolerant of visitations from Luke Skywalker's Force ghost by this time. Despite attacking Luke's spirit with his lightsaber, Skywalker was shown a vision of himself becoming a Sith Lord and butchering all of his friends, and admitted that he did not want to go down that path.[35] He even took Luke's advice into account while Syn was warning him to stop attacking his mother.[36] After Skywalker successfully healed Blue, he reluctantly admitted that Sazen had been correct about using the light side's power rather than the dark side's.[39]


Azlyn RaeEdit

"Do you remember how we felt about each other back then? Remember that first kiss I stole from you? Trust your feelings."
"Always loved you, Cade…always hoped someday…"
―Skywalker and Azlyn Rae[src]

As Jedi Padawans, Skywalker and Azlyn Rae grew close to one another, training together and pulling pranks on Master Wolf Sazen. Skywalker once kissed her on the cheek.[11] When the Jedi Order was scattered following the Massacre at Ossus,[3] Skywalker became a bounty hunter,[1] and Rae an Imperial Knight. The two were reunited seven years later when Emperor Roan Fel assigned Rae to hunt Skywalker. Despite initially being attacked by her, Skywalker welcomed her into his uncle's home after discovering her identity, and placed great trust in her, inviting her to the Jedi's Hidden Temple.[8] After discovering that she had betrayed the Temple's location to the Imperial Knights, Skywalker reacted angrily, and treated Rae with hostility both at the Temple[27][28] and during their mission to Had Abbadon.[11] While quarreling on Had Abbadon, both realized that their feelings for one another had resurfaced, and spent the night together.[29] When Rae was mortally wounded during a subsequent battle with the Sith, Skywalker refused to let her die, and drew on the dark side of the Force for a long period of time in an effort to keep her alive.[31] Although it was Rae's wish that she be allowed to die, Skywalker enlisted his aunt and uncle to save her life,[32] and remained restless while she was being healed, starting a barfight in the process. Ultimately, Rae was furious with Skywalker for not allowing her to die, and for condemning her to live the rest of her life in a suit of life-preserving armor.[33]

Deliah BlueEdit

"You're what keeps me on course—the one constant star in my galaxy. You're how I find my way back when I get lost. All the best in me lies in you. Love you, Blue."
"Love you, Cade."
―Skywalker and Deliah Blue[src]

Blue receives a kiss from Cade as he saves her.

Darth TalonEdit

"You sought me ought, Skywalker. We both know why. Some responses are impossible to fake. Whatever you tell others—or yourself—you and I were one at the Temple. I could feel how you responded…how you are responding now! Wild emotions…anger, hate, and desire mingling…bringing us to the edge…the only place where life is truly felt!"
"Liar! Liar!"
―Darth Talon and Skywalker[src]

Skywalker first encountered the Sith Hand Darth Talon on Vendaxa, when he attacked her with his blaster and with telekinesis.[17] He would go on to fight her several more times,[10] but would find himself apprenticed to her while learning the ways of the One Sith.[4] Skywalker developed an intimate relationship with her, even sleeping with her during his Sith training,[23] but ultimately stabbed her in the stomach while fighting to escape the Temple.[25] In battle again on Had Abbadon, Talon told him that they shared a deep bond, created when he had healed her at Darth Krayt's request, and that the bond was pushing him closer to the dark side. Skywalker angrily denied the claim, and harnessed the Force to shove her against a pillar.[30]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

"Cade, the Force is too powerful in you for you to just walk away! Healing me like you did was not something you were taught—you did that by instinct alone!"
―Wolf Sazen to Cade Skywalker[src]

Skywalker uses the Force to heal an injured woman.

As a Padawan, Skywalker showed potential in the ways of the Force, and was able to hold his own against a large number of stormtroopers and Sith during the massacre of Ossus. Skywalker possessed an instinctive ability to use the Force to revive the recently deceased, this power allowed him to pull Wolf Sazen from the brink of death. To do so, Skywalker tapped into the power of the dark side, and both he and Sazen felt the effect as the power coursed over their bodies. The power Skywalker exerted caused his eyes to glow with dark side energy. Within moments, Sazen had been revived, and the Zabrak was soon able to communicate and move on his own accord.[3] Seven years later, Skywalker would later relate to Sazen that the price for bringing his Master back from death was high, admitting that he "tapped into all the fear and rage" within him.[17] Skywalker also told Luke Skywalker's Force ghost that he was afraid that the hunger for power he felt that day was "not a good place for a Skywalker to be".[16]

Skywalker's use of the dark side to heal Sazen was felt by Darth Krayt all the way from the New Imperial Palace on Coruscant.[3] In addition to being able to heal people with this power, it could be used to kill those that suffered a previous injury, allowing Skywalker to focus it into a point where their wound was.[4][28] He used this power to destroy the Muur Talisman, vanquishing the Sith Lord Karness Muur.[31] Skywalker was a skilled practitioner of lightsaber combat, having defeated both of Krayt's Hands Talon[24] and Nihl. He even held his own against the Dark Lord himself.[25] When Skywalker and the Mynock's crew went to Rav's base on Soccoro to reclaim Chak's ship Grinning Liar, Skywalker disabled most of Rav's henchmen single-handedly when the Feeorin ordered them to attack.[26] During Skywalker and his crew's successful assassination attempt of Krayt, he defeated Talon once more,[30] and also defeated Krayt's new Hand Darth Stryfe, albeit with help from Syn's explosives.[31]

Cades Special

Skywalker's Rawk-chopped special

Skywalker's power with the Force did not appear to atrophy in the years he spent in Rav's crew, despite rarely drawing on the Force in that time. During a confrontation with Darth Talon on Vendaxa, he used the Force to hurl a crashed starship at the Twi'lek. Skywalker later admitted to Sazen that he could sense the Sith nearby, showing that his Jedi senses were as attuned as ever.[17] When he attempted to rescue Hosk Trey'lis from the Temple of the Sith, Skywalker was able to sense the Bothan's presence from outside the structure. In addition to his Force powers, Skywalker was a capable pilot, being able to evade the Skull Squadron on Coruscant.[10] During his time with the Sith, Skywalker learned how to use the Force to throttle his opponents, he demonstrated this against his half-sister Gunn Yage shortly after she apprehended him on Tatooine.[13] Skywalker was proficient in ranged combat, using his modified blaster carbine, the Rawk chopped special.[1] Skywalker also displayed his skills in unarmed combat when he combated a group of thugs, along with Syn, outside the Busted Blaster cantina on Kiffar.[33] When he and his crew were seperated after an attack by the Myneyrshi on Wayland, Skywalker demonstrated his ability with coercing a clawbird to do his bidding.[37] He was also capable of affecting an individual's mind; after Darth Maladi used the Force to show the bounty hunter his fears, he used the same ability on her. He also used the light side of the Force to successfully heal Deliah Blue, after Wolf Sazen implored him to do so.[39]

Armor and equipmentEdit

Cade saber

Cade Skywalker's third lightsaber, formerly his father's

As a Padawan, Skywalker used a lightsaber with a blue crystal.[3] Seven years later, during the skirmish on Vendaxa, he used Marasiah Fel's blue-bladed lightsaber after she saved him from a Sith.[18][19] After he left Blue and Syn on Bastion, he went to Ossus, where he was armed with a green lightsaber resembling an Imperial Knight's lightsaber.[5] After he met with the Yuuzhan Vong Master Shaper Nei Rin, she presented him with his father's lightsaber, which used a green[10] lambent crystal of her shaping, due to the fact that his father's blue crystal was charred from the intensity of the battle in which he was killed.[12] He used this lightsaber against Darth Talon in the Temple of the Sith before he was incapacitated and captured by her and Nihl.[10] After his capture, Darth Krayt had Kol Skywalker's lightsaber encased in transparisteel.[22] During Skywalker's brief apprenticeship to Talon, he used a Sith lightsaber containing a red crystal.[23] He later recovered his father's lightsaber after Kol's Force ghost appeared to him; Skywalker used the Force to shatter the transparisteel the lightsaber was encased in, and used it to fight the Sith, grievously wounding Talon and cutting off Nihl's arm.[24] During his time as a bounty hunter, Skywalker owned a collection of antique and modified blasters. His favored weapon was a custom double-barreled blaster carbine called the Rawk-chopped special, which was built for him by his uncle "Bantha" Rawk.[1] The Rawk-chopped special utilized a recognition code that was built in the weapon, only Skywalker was capable of using the Rawk-chopped special.[35]

Behind the scenesEdit

Character developmentEdit

"I can't say that Cade is a cross between Anakin and Luke. I don't think it does the character justice. What I would say is that he is a man who feels the burden of both of those guys. Between Anakin and Luke, there are twin legacies there—one to the light side, one to the dark. And Cade has both within him."
―John Ostrander[src]

Cade Skywalker was created by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema as the chief protagonist for the comic series Star Wars: Legacy, and was first revealed to the public on February 1, 2006, when the forthcoming comic series was announced on the Dark Horse Comics forums and The announcement contained a sneak preview of Issue #0 of Legacy, including an interior page that featured details about Skywalker.[48][49] Skywalker's first mention in canon would occur in the article New Force Rising, which was featured in the eighty-seventh issue of Star Wars Insider,[50] published two months prior to the release of Legacy #0.[1] He then went on to appear in the first issue of the series, released in June 2006.[3] Legacy has been the sole medium to feature Skywalker, save for the twenty-fifth issue of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comic series, which saw Skywalker appear in a vision to the Jedi Covenant as a kickoff to Dark Horse's 2008 Vector crossover. In this issue, Skywalker was drawn by Scott Hepburn.[51] In addition, Skywalker has been visually depicted in several sourcebooks. In these sourcebooks, and on various Legacy issues' covers, Skywalker has been drawn by a variety of artists;[52][2][15][10][29] within Legacy's pages, he has been penciled exclusively by Jan Duursema, save for two holographic appearances in holorecordings and as a baby. Both instances were featured in the Trust Issues story arc.[21][7] Despite this, the letters section of the fourty-fourth issue of Legacy saw assistant editor of Dark Horse Freddye Lins claim that Skywalker had been drawn only by Duursema.[37] Skywalker received entries in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia[53] and 2009's Legacy Era Campaign Guide.[2] Skywalker had a prominent role in Star Wars: Legacy's follow-up series, Star Wars: Legacy—War.


Skywalker's action figure

When Ostrander, Duursema, and their Legacy co-plotters were brainstorming ideas for the series, everyone agreed early on that a Skywalker was needed in order to appeal to as many fans as possible.[54] When choosing his first name, a factor that Duursema took into consideration was whether or not she could hear Aunt Beru Lars calling it in a manner similar to how she calls Luke Skywalker's name in the original Star Wars film.[55]

116 ABY[56]


In March 2008, Skywalker received his own miniature figurine, as part of the Legacy of the Force set of Star Wars Miniatures,[57] The miniatures set was advertised through a one-page comic ad produced by Wizards of the Coast and drawn by Jan Duursema, which appeared on the back covers of issues 100,[58] 102,[59] and 103[60] of Star Wars Insider, as well as in a number of Dark Horse comics. The ad was based on the style of the old super-hero fruit pie adverts, and featured a confused Skywalker interacting with classic Star Wars characters such as Han Solo and Boba Fett.[59] A miniature of Skywalker depicted as a Padawan was featured in the Jedi Academy set, released in June 2009.[61] Also in 2008, Skywalker would receive his own action figure; Hasbro, as part of its Legacy Collection comic packs, released Skywalker and Darth Talon as 3 ¾ inch action figures, packaged with Issue #2 of Legacy.[62]


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