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A long time ago

"That's no moon. It's a space station."
A very wise man[src]

Well hello there, <insert name here>!

I'm a tad obsessed with Star Wars (among other things of course).

Here's a list of pages I've created on Wookieepedia. Most of them are only good because of the editing of others. Thanks for all the help. (Feel free to correct me if I do something incorrectly on here, I won't take offense.)

Pages I've createdEdit


Real LifeEdit

Organizations and BusinessesEdit

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Space StationsEdit

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Individual ShipsEdit


Clothing and ArmorEdit

Technology, Devices, and Other ItemsEdit





Locations and BuildingsEdit

Droid ModelsEdit

Battles and WarsEdit

Sporting EventsEdit






Star SystemsEdit

From when I went on a crazy unidentified spree that was luckily put to an end because wow was that crazy, why was I ever that much of a hyperinclustionist, feel free to delete any of these because I am surprised they are still thereEdit

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU, <insert name here>

--Lamp774 00:45, January 23, 2012 (UTC)Lamp774

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