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Loneshark1138 aka Patrick T. Russo
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August 30 1990


Princeton New jersey USA


Hamilton Township New Jersey USA

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5'4 feet 1.64 meters

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unemployed bum & collage student


to many to count

Greetings And BioEdit

Hello there <insert name here> and welcome to my User Page. Like the rest you I love Star Wars (and science fiction in general) and I don't like bios so I'll make this short. I got into Star Wars when I was 6 when my parents took me to see A New Hope special edition in 1997. And I loved it ever since. I fell love with Star Wars again when I found this site (thus finding out about the EU.) and read Timothy Zhan's Thrawn Trilogy. The rest is history...

On the wiki:I mostly do minor editing around here.

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Novels and Novellas Edit

  • Darth Bane trilogy:
  • The Thrawn Trilogy:
  • The Jedi Academy Trilogy:

*=I've read it. But I don't own it.

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User:Loneshark1138/Happy caption page


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