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I've been here pretty much since the beginning, all the way back in March of 2005. I became an administrator in October 2006; it's hard to believe it's been that long. Despite such a long stay here, I haven't written very many articles. I write a couple every now and than, but they're usually quite short. I was happy to do a rewrite of the famous Stars' End prison facility, thinking it might be my first Featured Article, but since than it's been dormant. Likewise, I'm still working on writing a complete article for Drew Karpyshyn; I'm up to about 2004 in the guy's life so far. I'm proud of those articles, but it's basically two half-FAs at best. It doesn't really measure up to the dozens of great articles done by other people. So what exactly do I do here?

Things I do

  • Interwiki links. They're those little things you'll see in the "in other languages" box on the left hand margins of some pages. They allow you to link to one of the 15 or so foreign language Star Wars wikis.
  • Disambiguation pages. I make them, and I fix links to them.
  • Typo hunting, as well as copyediting, and general cleanup of articles.
  • Video game contributor articles. These are generally barebones, prose-free articles such as Rex Bradford. Believe it or not, I actually took a couple years to work up to that level of thoroughness. Most of our biographical articles are pretty bad, but I figure video game programmers and voice actors is as good a places to start as any. I started with voice actors back in February 2006 when I wrote up the voice cast for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. Than I went through the voice cast for all Star Wars games chronologically until I got to KOTOR, when I started doing programmers and writers and such. Than I decided to go back to the beginning of Star Wars games, and I've written up a few programmers from the 80s. "Write" is a generous term, as these are basically just formatted lists and information boxes.
  • Wookieenews. I update this a lot. As of this writing, April 8 2008, I wrote the 6 most recent news items. I think it's all pretty great, but like I said, it's all peripheral to the core of the site, which is the articles.

Personal information


To do

Medium term

Long term

  • Make short articles for every video game contributor ([2] -- check early games, including all platforms; still some missing for 80s games. Make decision about Famicom guys.)
  • Make interwiki links for every foreign language article


  • Check FANs/GANs for interwiki links, spelling.
  • Make sure main page FAs have "Recently featured" section.
  • Keep Karpyshyn, Klepacki articles up to date
  • News monitoring, DYK, WP:TYPO, etc.
  • Patrol for links to disambig pages

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