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This is a list of ships in the real world that have similar names to ships in the Star Wars universe. It is not complete.


Star Wars ship US ship British ship Notes
Acheron HMS Acheron Class lead
Achilles USS Achilles HMS Achilles
Adamant USS Adamant HMS Adamant
Agamemnon USS Agamemnon HMS Agamemnon
Aggressor USS Aggressor
Agincourt HMS Agincourt
Alliance USS Alliance HMS Alliance
Ardent USS Ardent HMS Ardent Also HMAS Ardent
Ashanti HMS Ashanti
Asp USS Asp
Attentive HMS Attentive
Aurora USS Aurora HMS Aurora
Avenger USS Avenger HMS Avenger Class lead; See other Avenger weapons systems
Banshee (New Republic) USS Banshee HMS Banshee
Basilisk HMS Basilisk
Bastion USS Bastion
Battler HMS Battler
BB 45 USS Colorado (BB-45) Hull designation
Bellerophon USS Bellerophon HMS Bellerophon Class lead
Bombard USS Bombard
Brazen HMS Brazen Class lead
Brilliant USS Brilliant HMS Brilliant
Burke USS Burke Also USS Arleigh Burke
Cadmus USS Cadmus HMS Cadmus Class lead
Caledonia USS Caledonia HMS Caledonia
Callisto USS Callisto
Canopus USS Canopus HMS Canopus Class lead
Centurion HMS Centurion
Cerberus USS Cerberus HMS Cerberus Class lead; also HMVS Cerberus
Champion USS Champion HMS Champion
Charybdis USS Charybdis HMS Charybdis
Chimaera USS Chimaera
Colossus USS Colossus HMS Colossus Class lead
Columbia USS Columbia Also Space Shuttle Columbia
Condor USS Condor HMS Condor Class lead
Conqueror USS Conqueror HMS Conqueror
Conquest USS Conquest HMS Conquest
Corvus USS Corvus HMS Corvus
Courageous HMS Courageous
Crater USS Crater Class lead
Crusader USS Crusader HMS Crusader
Cutlass USS Cutlass HMS Empire Cutlass
Daring USS Daring HMS Daring
Dauntless USS Dauntless HMS Dauntless
Defender USS Defender HMS Defender
Defiance USS Defiance HMS Defiance
Devastator USS Devastator Also TBD Devastator
Diadem HMS Diadem
Diomede HMS Diomede
Dominant USS Dominant
Dragon USS Dragon HMS Dragon
Ebon Hawk USS Hawk HMS Hawk Also HMAS Hawk
Eclipse HMS Eclipse Class lead
Encounter HMS Encounter
Endeavor USS Endeavor HMS Endeavour Also HMNZS Endeavour, Space Shuttle Endeavour
Endurance USS Endurance HMS Endurance
Fairfax USS Fairfax HMS Fairfax Also USS Fairfax County
Falcon USS Falcon HMS Falcon
Fantome HMS Fantome
Fearless USS Fearless HMS Fearless Class lead
Formidable HMS Formidable Class lead; also RSS Formidable, French ship Formidable
Frazier USS Frazier
Freedom USS Freedom
Furious HMS Furious
Fury USS Fury HMS Fury
Gallant USS Gallant HMS Gallant
Glory HMS Glory
Goliath USS Goliath HMS Goliath
Gorgon USS Gorgon HMS Gorgon
Grey Wolf HMS Grey Wolf Coastal Forces
Guardian USS Guardian HMS Guardian
Halifax HMS Halifax Also HMCS Halifax
Hampton USS Hampton HMS Hampton Court
Harrier USS Harrier HMS Harrier
Hart USS Hart HMS Hart
Hermes HMS Hermes
Hilo USS Hilo
Hope USS Hope HMS Hope
Hunter HMS Hunter
Hurricane USS Hurricane HMS Hurricane
Hydra USS Hydra HMS Hydra
Hyperion USS Hyperion HMS Hyperion
Impeccable USS Impeccable
Imperator USS Imperator
Imperieuse HMS Imperieuse Class lead
Impervious USS Impervious
Implacable HMS Implacable Class lead
Indefatigable HMS Indefatigable
Independence USS Independence
Indomitable USNS Indomitable HMS Indomitable
Inflexible HMS Inflexible
Intrepid USS Intrepid HMS Intrepid Also RSS Intrepid
Invincible USS Invincible HMS Invincible Class lead
Iron Duke HMS Iron Duke
Juno HMS Juno
Justice USS Justice HMS Justice
Kraken USS Kraken
Lance USS Lance HMS Lance
Liberator USS Liberator
Liberty USS Liberty HMS Liberty
Libra USS Libra Also Italian torpedo boat Libra
Mahan USS Mahan Lead ship
Majestic HMS Majestic Class lead
Margaret USS Margaret
Mediator USS Mediator HMS Mediator
Mercury USS Mercury HMS Mercury
Mist USS Mist
Monarch USS Monarch HMS Monarch
Nimble USS Nimble HMS Nimble, RMAS Nimble
Noble USS Noble HMS Noble
Ocean HMS Ocean
Onslaught HMS Onslaught
Outpost USS Outpost
Peerless USS Peerless
Peregrine USS Peregrine HMS Peregrine
Perseverance USS Perseverance HMS Perseverance
Phoenix USS Phoenix HMS Phoenix
Protector USS Protector HMS Protector
Python HMS Python
Raider HMS Raider
Rampart USS Rampart
Ranger USS Ranger HMS Ranger
Reaper USS Reaper HMS Reaper Also MQ-9 Reaper
Redoubt HMS Redoubt
Redoubtable HMS Redoubtable Also Le Redoutable
Relentless USNS Relentless HMS Relentless
Reliance USS Reliance HMS Reliance
Renown HMS Renown
Reprisal USS Reprisal
Resolute USS Resolute HMS Resolute
Resolution HMS Resolution Class lead; also HMNZS Resolution
Retribution HMS Retribution
Royal Sovereign HMS Royal Sovereign
Sable II/III USS Sable HMS Sable
Scipion HMS Scipion Also many French ships
Skirmisher HMS Skirmisher
Scorpion USS Scorpion HMS Scorpion
Scourge USS Scourge HMS Scourge
Scythe HMS Scythe
Sentinel USS Sentinel HMS Sentinel Class lead
Shadow USS Shadow III
Shrike USS Shrike
Sovereign USS Sovereign HMS Sovereign
Spartiate HMS Spartiate
Stalker HMS Stalker
Stalwart USS Stalwart Also HMAS Stalwart, RSS Stalwart
Steadfast USS Steadfast HMS Steadfast
Storm HMS Storm
Stormont HMCS Stormont
Striker HMS Striker
Superior USS Superior
Swift USS Swift HMS Swift
Tempest USS Tempest HMS Tempest
Termagant HMS Termagant
Terror USS Terror HMS Terror
Thunder USS Thunder
Thunderer USS Thunderer HMS Thunderer
Tiger USS Tiger HMS Tiger
Titan USNS Titan
Titania USS Titania HMS Titania
The Tone Japanese cruiser Tone
Tranquility USS Tranquility
Tribune HMS Tribune
Triumph USS Triumph HMS Triumph
Undaunted USS Undaunted HMS Undaunted
Vagrant USS Vagrant
Valiant USS Valiant HMS Valiant
Valorous HMS Valorous
Vanguard USS Vanguard HMS Vanguard
Vehement HMS Vehement
Vendetta HMAS Vendetta
Venerable HMS Venerable
Vengeance USS Vengeance HMS Vengeance
Venom HMS Venom
Venture USS Venture
Venturer HMS Venturer
Victory 1/2 USS Victory HMS Victory
Vigilance USS Vigilance
Vigilant USS Vigilant HMS Vigilant
Vindicator USS Vindicator Also SB2U Vindicator
Vindictive USS Vindictive HMS Vindictive
Viper USS Viper HMS Viper Class lead
Viscount HMS Viscount
Vulture HMS Vulture
Warhawk USS War Hawk
Warrior HMS Warrior
Wasp USS Wasp HMS Wasp
Whirlwind USS Whirlwind HMS Whirlwind
Zeus USS Zeus

Ship classesEdit

Ship class US ship British ship Notes
Aggressor-class Star Destroyer USS Aggressor See above
Eclipse-class dreadnought HMS Eclipse See above
Hornet-class carrier USS Hornet HMS Hornet
Imperial-class Star Destroyer HMS Imperial
Gladiator-class Star Destroyer USS Gladiator HMS Gladiator
Republic-class Star Destroyer USS Republic
Sovereign-class Star Dreadnaught USS Sovereign HMS Sovereign
Turbulent-class Star Destroyer HMS Turbulent
Victory-class Star Destroyer USS Victory HMS Victory
Vindicator-class heavy cruiser USS Vindicator Also SB2U Vindicator


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