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Star Wars, Marching Band

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About MeEdit

Hello <insert name here>. Of course Star Wars is my favorite movie.I was introduced to Star Wars when the Special Edition came out, and since then I have had two VHS Original Trilogies and one DVD version. I also own the Prequal trilogy on DVD and The Phantom Menace also on VHS. I also like Indiana Jones, and many other movies. I read a lot and I was a Baritone player in my high school marching band. Now I attend the University of South Florida majoring in History.

My brother is also a member and goes by the name User: manuccia


Who's your favourite Clone Trooper?

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B3 ultra battle droid If you don't like my views, or if you think I have too many userboxes; my associates here will gladly show you the door.


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