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Personality and traitsEdit


R2-D2 and C-3PO art

Trouble again!

C-3PO was programmed for etiquette and protocol.[1] He was programmed to understand human behavior.[2] It was against his programming to impersonate a deity.[3]

Sand was no good for his joints.[3] Cold weather could cause his joints to freeze up.[4]

His salvaged nature imbued in him special qualities that set him a brand apart from his droid cousins.[5]

Accumulated over 30 secondary functions after Episode I, including landspeeder piloting and programming binary loadlifters.[5]

By Episode I, C-3PO's gyro-balance circuitry was several decades old,[6] but Skywalker was able to use scrounged and improvised replacement parts to make the droid functional again. C-3PO boasted sound wiring, as well as a standard protocol droid verbobrain and communicator module.[5]

Fluent in over six million forms of communication.[3][4]

Although he was assigned to cook on occasion,[7] the SkySolos trusted him with little more than appetizers by 43 ABY.[8]

Knew the histories and customs of many cultures, but not recipes.[8]


Fussy and worry-prone.[5]

His electronic brain could become confused,[5] causing him to liken events to dreams.[2]

Was capable of developing friendships with other droids.[9][5]

Fearful of danger, he was easily startled,[4] and would follow his friends and allies into most situations if it meant not being left alone to fend for himself.[2][4]

Was a masterful storyteller.[3][10]

In 17 ABY, he didn't think that he had ever had a memory wipe,[11] but deduced that he probably had by 43 ABY.[12]

Felt that household chores were the lowest form of duty.[13]

Was very dedicated to his friends and masters.[14]

If masterless, he craved a master, feeling that he and Artoo couldn't function without one.[15]

Decetpion was not his forte, but he was willing to overlook that limitation and practice deception.[16]

By 43 ABY, Ben saw him as part of the family. He definitely had a personality. "He definitely has a personality." Grew tired of cooking, cleaning, and answering comms, yearning to do what he was designed for. Saw deciphering the Keshiri language as a challenge to look forward to. Was capable of looking pleased.[8]

Let's face it, the dude thought himself lowly. "I am positively decrepit and tragically outdated."[8]

Relationship with R2-D2Edit

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