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"Darth Dorkus"
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Clarksville, Tennessee, USA, Earth, Sol system, Orion Arm, Milky Way galaxy, Local Group, Virgo Supercluster, Universe 1


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Earth

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About as tall as a Shi'ido

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About the color of the rings of Geonosis

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About the color of Endor

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Geologist, Wookieepedian


Geeky stuff, social networking, photography, Star Wars things, conventions and cosplaying

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None so far

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Important stuff: Blocks - Defenses - User rights - Destructions - Uploads - Moves - Policies - Detailed stats

"Do you even get paid to do this stuff?"
―Non wiki editors to Steven

Pronunciation Guide = Riff . SEYE . Phon

CURRENT STATUS: Post-Masters, Post-TFA, editing when I can, will begin looking into Project Kill Redlinks, continuing the never-finished Projects Trade Route Templation, Random Article Creation, Mid Rim Sector Imagation, Read Star Wars Books, and Project Stay the Kark on Wookieepedia

After ten years, I still haven't produced a decent looking user page and you can all smite me for it. Nor have I produced a single Featured Article. This page serves as both an archive and the byproduct of a hoarder.

Only took nine years (3/4/05-3/4/14) to reach 109,600 articles, and ten to reach 117,350.


  • Number of legitimate articles on Wookieepedia: 125,414
  • Currently running MediaWiki version: 1.19.24
  • Total number of pages (including templates, talk pages, and the like): 415,728
  • Total uploaded files: 71,390
  • Number of admins: 16
  • Number of registered users across all of Wikia: 8,412,592
  • Number of articles per user: 0.015
  • Number of pages per user: 0.049
  • Number of files per user: 0.008
  • Number of articles per admin: 7838.375
  • Number of pages per admin: 25983
  • Number of files per admin: 4461.875
  • Number of users per admin: 525787
  • Number of articles for every File:1.757 articles
  • Number of non-article pages for every article: 2.315



Winner of The Pit Droid Award of Diligence by Adamwankenobi

"It's a big galaxy, and someone has to organize it."
The New Essential Guide to Alien Species[src]
  • I began editing the Star Wars Wiki, as it was then known, on March 10, 2005, the second to do so after co-founder WhiteBoy.
  • I became an administrator of the Star Wars Wiki on March 16, 2005.
  • I was enacted the second bureaucrat of Wookieepedia on February 14, 2006. EDIT (6/1/13): This should have been renamed "Baron Administrator".


For the Darth Who Contest, I submitted Darth Lycinis as a name. It was a combination of the words "lie", "sin", and "lycan" referencing Jacen Solo's experiences with wyrwulves and personality traits of most other Sith Lords. Not really that great.


For information regarding the founding of Wookieepedia, see Steven Greenwood
(Removed from article due to containing delusions of grandeur.)

Introduction to Star Wars

Steven first remembered Star Wars not from the big screen as many had before him, but rather the family VHS system, to which he repeatedly watched them until they were worn out. Over time he obtained toys here and there. It was not until 1997, when the Special Edition released in theaters that he was able to enjoy the saga the way it was meant to be viewed (the theater, not the Special Edition). From here on out Steven was a faithful fan. During the first movies of the prequel trilogy, Steven collected more items, but was interested more by his failed attempts to win prizes (other than free food) playing the Use the Force game at various restaurants.

By the time Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones released in 2002, Steven had a fondness for detailed information on the saga, so much as to purchase the Incredible Cross Sections and Inside the Worlds of reference books. He also researched CUSWE and attempted to catalog the many planets, systems, and sectors of the GFFA. This fed his interest for knowledge of the immense universe that George Lucas and many other Expanded Universe authors created. However, he felt he never had time to read novels, and was a visual person, stimulated by images.

Although he was a fan of the saga, he did not wait outside movie theaters for openings of the prequels at midnight, nor did he collect everything imaginable, to prove to others that you can still be a fan without being a fanatic. This being said, he developed a fondness for collecting Star Wars action figures.

When Wookieepedia became a thing, Steven invited many users himself via Wikipedia, and the social networking site Myspace of which Steven was also a member, using his large Star Wars group there for recruitment and spreading the word.[1] The group has since been destroyed and rebuilt with the help of a user named 'Neptune' (no relation to StarNeptune), but only to suffer the demise of being hosted on Myspace.[2]

Wookieepedia grows

To help with the many article creations and edits that the wiki received on a daily basis, Steven purchased more reference books, particularly the Essential Guides, and some issues of Star Wars Insider. For the time that he could contribute, Steven added many articles and fixed plenty of errors with spelling, grammar, tense, adding categories, stubs, images, and fixed code problems. In addition, Steven's administrator powers helped him delete many pages, ban many vandals, and protect a few pages in hotly-contested disputes.

With Wikipedia behind him, Steven gave up trying to keep up with the constant changes and errors of Wikipedians and Star Wars material, where it was not strictly enforced as it is here. He would then try to make Wookieepedia more than just another wiki by brainstorming new concepts up in his Thinktank, including a premise for Wookieenews, which would combine with TFN to inform users about various happenings around the Star Wars fanbase, in addition to related stories.[3]

Identifying with Star Wars

As the success of the Wookieepedia grew, Steven felt more comfortable about being a fan, since most fans would fall under the classic nerdy stereotype, which he was. However, he began to embrace it and announce it proudly. He went from a "casual non-hardcore fan" (for example, waiting days to see one of the movies) to a "rather large fan on the verge of obsession". He was Darth Vader for the first time on Halloween, and even considered joining the 501st Legion, however his costume was still WELL below standards for the organization. He found that some people into Star Wars had heard about Wookieepedia through word of mouth or had actually been there.

His fandom became problematic however, as for the first time, Steven fell below a 3.0 for his GPA and lost his college scholarship. He temporarily left the full sanctity of the wiki to work on passing his classes, although he kept an eye on it at all times.


Over the summer of 2006, Steven had more time to contribute and interestingly enough, returned to Wikipedia to work on more career-related articles, but slowed down once again due to classes in the fall.

On Aug 26, Riff experienced a dreaded BSoD on his computer, finally restarting it on the day of the Mofference, November 10, 2006.[4] With the fall semester past, another opportunity to catch up became apparent, and the winter break brought increased contributions.

Steven then became serious about Celebration IV, which was to be hosted in Los Angeles, California. He had support from across the nation to represent Wookieepedia as well as his then popular Myspace Star Wars group. There was even discussion to raise donations and send them to a Paypal account, however the idea was not favored by everyone.

In the late winter of the beginning of 2007, arrangements were made for the 4-day pass, a 6-day hotel stay, and plane tickets.

Celebration IV


These covers just get better and better!

Steven made it to Los Angeles early on May 25, after the Fan Club day, due to a major delay in Dallas, Texas. As he was not a member of Hyperspace, Steven could not attend the associated events. When he did attend on the 25th, it was deemed "absolutely amazing", with costumed fans everywhere.

During the convention, Steven met the Wookieepedians Arthur Papadam, Tracy Duncan, John Hazlett, Andrew Beard, Kyle Jewhurst, Andrew Skinner, Mark Sandell, Simon Clough, Joe Weaver, Charlii Enström, Taylor Fenno, and Colby Butterfield. Bob Vitas helped us man the merged Wookieepedia/CUSWE table. He also met Abel G. Peña, Joe Corroney, Mary Franklin (whom had granted us our free table), Keeper of the Holocron Leland Chee, Dark Horse editor Randy Stradley[5], John Ostrander, Jan Duursema, Doug Wangler, Matt Busch, Tom Hodges, Tsuneo Sanda, Erik Varszegi, and C.C. Banana aka Bananakin Skywalker. Seth Green was seen inside the Vader helmet exhibit but Steven did not meet him. Indirectly, other people at continuity panel to whom Steven had the cojones to ask three questions to included Pablo Hidalgo (, Sue Rostoni (Lucas Licensing), Jonathan Rinzler (Lucas Licensing), Shelly Shapiro (Random House), Jacob Bronstein (Random House Audio). After leaving the Imperials Panel, Steven also opened the door for David Prowse (Darth Vader) and inadvertently for Julian Glover (General Maximilian Veers) and Kenneth Colley (Admiral Firmus Piett), all headed from the panel apparently to get something to eat.

Later years of the wiki

In December 2008, Steven graduated from Austin Peay State University with a Bachelor of Science in Geosciences-Geology and a minor in Astronomy.

Throughout 2009 and 2010, the wiki continued to expand under the constant attention of its large number of administrators and new users arriving daily. Additional reference guides, Expanded Universe novels, video games, and Clone Wars material lent to the growth of material found across the wiki. In addition, greater creation of redlinks resulted in areas previously not expanded on to grow.

In the wake of social media advances, and a wise recommendation from Dan Wallace, Steven created a Facebook fan page for Wookieepedia, that was moderated by him and other administrators (as of December 2014, the Facebook page has over 68,000 fans). He had also taken an interest in Twitter and utilized to communicate with various fans and celebrities in the Star Wars fan base, including those adamant about Wookieepedia. Steven made an attempt to fully return to the wiki in mid-2010, after a lull in professional activities. By August 2010, Celebration V had arrived, but Steven was not able to attend due to funds and ongoing conflicts. He had however sent his best wishes to those that could represent the wiki on his and everyone else's behalf.

During the fall of 2010, Steven continued to balance his professional life with that of his wiki, editing articles, and working on appearance lists. His user page also underwent some house cleaning of unwanted and unneeded text and subpages. Steven was there to see Wookieepedia cross the 80,000 article threshold in September 2010, announcing news to followers on the Wookieepedia Facebook page. In April 2011, he participated in both April Fools' events and the following Mofference, the first in almost two years. For June 2011, Steven submitted a successful QOTD. In July 2011, Steven promoted his first ever article to Good Article status: Moogan, which he had actually created as a new stub in October 2010 during the release of the Clone Wars episode in which they were featured. For the Second Wookieepedia Barn-burner on Weapons in August 2011, Steven submitted the K26 explosive antivehicle rocket for Comprehensive Article Nomination.

In August 2011, Steven relocated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to attend the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee as a graduate student.

Again Steven balanced his school functions with that of staying active on the wiki. On Halloween 2011, he submitted his second GAN as part of Wookieepedia's first Shed-Scorcher. It passed on December 15, 2011. Steven then began to focus on bringing some small articles up to CAN status for the third Barn-Burner, the musical fish of Naboo.

By Spring 2012, Steven was once again hitting the convention circuit and attended C2E2 in Chicago, Illinois. There he interacted with Anthony Daniels and gifted him the article on C-3PO. Steven later revealed his Wookieepedia shirt on stage during a Q&A panel, albeit masked by another costume he was wearing at the time. Daniels, amused by this, considered Steven an "expert" and allowed him to sit at the front of the theater for the remainder of the show, now tasked with answering the audience's questions.

Steven was unable to attend Celebration VI, however was able to donate funds for the necessary internet connection for the table, and advertised via the Facebook group. Also during this time, Steve was approached by the team at about contributing to the Blog, that would be publically accessible to thousands of people. He was in the process of writing the first entries, however in the end, graduate school won. The late spring of 2013 brought Steven back to California to discuss matters with Wikia.

Steven completed his thesis in summer of 2014, and made an attempt to return to Wookieepedia with renewed interest after the introduction of the Legends classification. Over the next year, Steven hoped to wrangle the confusing web that were the new Legends and Canon articles. Steven attended Celebration Anaheim in April 2015 where members of Wookieepedia and Wikia celebrated the wiki's tenth anniversary. While a highlight of the year, Steve's ability to continue editing on the wiki waned greatly in respect to the real world, and in avoidance of new material surrounding The Force Awakens. As a result, the community acted on a long-standing absence that was problematic to the role of administrator and bureaucrat. In the wake of the release of the new film, Steven has found a new opportunity to edit freely.


  1. As of June 2007, the group had reached 40,000 members, however, only 10 percent of its members were regularly active.
  2. As of 2011, Myspace is no longer a force in the social networking community.
  3. The concept has not merged with TFN as proposed but has held its own as the primary news source for Wookieepedians.
  4. This frame in time is considered the Dark Age.
  5. Randy grinned when Steven joked that Darth Krayt might actually have been Jacen Solo, but rather later became known to be someone else.

Things I find interesting on WookieepediaEdit


Baron Papanoida

Mr. Papanoida, I presume?

  • Anons who revert other anons.
  • Anons who underestimate the ban power of the wiki.
  • Our first bot, appropriately a familiar droid named Artoo.
  • That a few guys can grab the attention of an entire fanbase in only a year.
  • Users who insist on being Darths.
  • Users who go by character, location, or actor names.
  • An article titled "Hover Transport" that actually read "A transport that hovers."
  • That I never can finish what I start.
  • That I catch more mistakes after I saved for the first or second time.
  • That it's astounding how fast information is added from a released source only hours after made public.
  • That I can prevent myself from going crazy from spoilers by purchasing that source on that day.
  • That Wookieepedia on Wikipedia was nominated for deletion per WP:WEB as spam. Thankfully it was speedy kept.
  • That suspension of disbelief is fun to think about.
  • Darth Culator's user page.
  • That we somehow don't have articles for the inevitably to be released.
  • That I am one that wants to keep everything on the wiki, a true hyperinclusionist to the core.
  • Mineral does not always equal material.
  • That people still can't spell "Wookieepedia".
  • Guestbooks. I don't really favor them, but whatever.
  • I have never seen or heard anything like the Wookiee-Cast but I'm hooked on the Dexter-like voice of 4dot. (If he only knew which one I was talking about.)
"Well um, hmm, Riff thinks I have a voice like Dexter."
―Wookiee-Cast III 5:18-5:24
  • Vandals that return a year later as redeemed users.
  • I created the 50,000th article, Solitaire. It's not much but it's canon and that's what counts.
  • The Other Wookieepedia [1]
  • jSarek was the published question to Leland Chee in Star Wars Insider 96's Q&A section regarding Conan Antonio Motti's canon status, revealing his original name to be "Zi Motti" before Lucas intervened. Shown as "Sarek", he asked "How have you decided to treat the "Conan Antonio Motti" name... for Holocron purposes? Is it just another joke, or are you taking it a bit more seriously than that?" It was originally questioned on the forums on May 16, 2007.
    • This being said, I have found an instance of "Zi Motti" in Death Star while he talks to Admiral Jaim Helaw.
  • Interestingly enough, I was the first to ask Leland (or anyone in a panel) at Celebration IV's continuity panel on May 26, 2007 about the canonicity of this name, to which he replied "it will be revealed eventually". The publication of Death Star's Dramatis Personae and the Insider issue was the "eventually" part.
  • Do some users have a tendency to automatically vote with the most important person and not necessarily via a valid reason of their own?
  • I was almost deleted.
  • Galen Marek and Guri won Mister and Miss Star Wars respectively for 2008.
  • Beware the Great List Purge of 2008 and 2009!
  • April Fools Day 2009 Ideas
    • Main Page and FA in Shyriiwook (My idea)
    • Max as FA (4dot)
    • Howard the Duck wiki (4dot)
    • 1978 joke (4dot)
    • Wiki about Wookieepedia (4dot)
    • Star Wars Purist wiki (Ozzel) (winner for 2009)
    • The Complete Wookieepedia (Ozzel)



That children in the GFFA play with clone trooper and battle droid action figures just like we do.


The coolest Sith isn't the black and red one, but the black and white one.

Gordian Reach

Borders.. Borders! We got borders here!



Mr. President?

Some calculationsEdit


An example of counting the bodies.

Taking a bit from MarcK and Darth Culator, I am curious as to how many new individuals we can expect from the Star Wars live-action TV series.

Assuming that there are 100 episodes at 45 minutes each (with commercials), that equivocates to 37.5 movies of equal time at 2 hours long each. If each movie at 2 hours is capable of producing roughly 500 new characters, both main and background, then it could be extrapolated that 37.5 movies worth of episodes times 500 characters = about 18,750 new characters! Whoa...

If the show were to go to 400 episodes as Rick McCallum had hoped, that number could have theoretically quadrupled to 75,000 characters.

UPDATE: 11/12/2011 A re-calculation on these types of estimates was performed.

To relate this to Star Wars: The Clone Wars, there was 88 episodes by the end of Season Four, each comprising 20 minutes of actual material in a 30 minute television block. Considering the number of re-occurring characters, we can only select those that are brand new to the TCW storylines. In this case, we may have upwards of 20 new characters per episode, assuming new continuities and not continuations of storylines from other episodes. That averages to about 440 characters. A most conservation estimate would shrink new characters down to 350 per season. For four seasons, that is still only 1400 characters. Had Clone Wars actually gone for 400 episodes, that number would result in about 7000 characters. Again, this is a conservative estimate for a show that is only 22 minutes long (with commercials). As TCW ended up with 5 seasons around 100 episodes, the conservative estimate of 350 characters per season would give us 1750-1800 new characters. We shall see what Rebels brings.

Wookiee-Google growthEdit

  • As of September 9, 2007, "Wookieepedia" gets 339,000 total hits on Google, with 164,000 being external and non-Wookieepedia site hits. [2].
  • November 25, 2007, "Wookieepedia" gets 383,000 total hits, with 184,000 from the website itself.
  • In an odd reversal, as of February 3, 2008, "Wookieepedia" gets 197,000 total hits.
  • March 4: 201,000 total hits, 119,000 external
  • April 12: 201,000 total hits, no change
  • June 27: 354,000 total hits, with 177,000 external (exactly half)
  • July 31: 319,000 total hits, with 240,000 external
  • January 25, 2009: 299,000 total hits, 152,000 internal
  • June 17, 2009: 382,000 total hits, 310,000 internal
  • January 28, 2011: 942,000 total hits, 256,000 internal
  • November 12, 2011: 765,000 total hits, 246,000 internal
  • March 4, 2012: 893,000 total hits, 291,000 internal
  • December 1, 2014: 503,000 total hits, 292,000 internal


WPTL: 124,690 (current count: 109,253 as of February 2, 2014) (previous counts: WPTL of 105,250 while at 89,255 as of Jan 20, 2012; WPTL of 101,700 while at 85,400 as of Aug 1, 2011; WPTL of 92,000 while at 80,100 as of Oct 1, 2010)

This is an estimated number of articles which Wookieepedia could technically have created based on the level of released canon, by analysis of redlinks on source and media articles. This figure is always subject to change due to updates in canon or major releases of material, as well as more accurate pinnings of wanted articles. The current article count stands at 125,414.


"Yay! Table! ick. table."
  • Round trip plane tickets to Los Angeles for Celebration 4: $320
  • 6-night hotel stay somewhere safe and nearby: $400
  • Badge for 4 days at the event: $110
  • Knowing you sorta made an impact in fandom itself: priceless
  • There are some things in life that can't be purchased, for everything else there's the Jedi MasterCard.

To Do ListEdit

Nuvola apps knotes To-do list for User:Riffsyphon1024: edit · history · watch · refresh


Here are some tasks you can do:

Personal VIP Interview Wish List (so far)Edit

My Various ProjectsEdit

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Wikipedia Creations Moved OverEdit

Sectors of Star Wars, Systems of Star Wars, Cities of Star Wars, Creatures of Star Wars, The Maw, and Repulsorlift

Other stancesEdit


My first successful QOTD came as the wiki passed 85,000 articles in June of 2011.

Comprehensive, Good, and Featured articlesEdit

I really have great luck with these.


  • Unidentified planet 24 (Dilonexa system) was deleted per Trash Compactor vote on February 9, 2014
GoodIcon2 This user helped promote the article Moogan to Good status.
GoodIcon2 This user helped promote the article Unidentified planet 24 (Dilonexa system) to Good status.
GoodIcon2 This user helped promote the article Doo/Legends to Good status.
GoodIcon2 This user helped promote the article Ray/Legends to Good status.
GoodIcon2 This user helped promote the article Mee/Legends to Good status.
GoodIcon2 This user helped promote the article Faa (creature) to Good status.
30px-ComprehensiveArticle This user helped promote the article K26 explosive antivehicle rocket to Comprehensive status.

Current nomination:

Future considerations: The remaining musical scalefish of Naboo (See, Laa and Tee), Hydian Way, Bith, Dilonexa system (in response to merging of Dilonexa planet information)


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Planets from CUSWEEdit

  • Bolded are completely bluelinked.
  • Italicized are one or two away from complete bluelinktion.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z




(Bold: read entirely through, but that is exceedingly rare.)


(b: arriving soon)

Some recent article creationsEdit

Feito Technology level Hematite Halite Chalcopyrite Malachite Calcite Alliance Commissary Primeday Taungsday Zhellday Rendor's Raiders Kwymar Six Warhounds Able Company Baker Company Red Smoke Safari One The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force (IU) 115 BBY Moogan (GA) Zak Zaz Moogan gunship Slabin Ardees Beverage tea Meson taloscope Oscillation overthemister Oxidizer intake Sonic welder Inference pulse stabilizer Telemetry transmitter Thrust stabilizer cone Control pod Air scoop Control linkage brace Overpressure alarm Pressure management mode indicator Hydraulic pressure charging system Rae (disambiguation) Essential Atlas Extra: The Knight Errant Gazetteer Ran-D housekeeper droid Iska sector ‎Gendius sector ‎Elbaran sector ‎Aldino sectorAlmak sectorSemagi sector ‎Narrant sector ‎Masla sectorOriolan sector ‎Halm sectorJidlor MarshesTashtor sector ‎Marzoon sector ‎Dononter sectorCorbett sectorGraador sector ‎Rago sectorOuter Jalor sector ‎Jalor sector ‎Abaar sector Manoe sector Lannik system Lannik Wilds Lannik SpaceInflux capacitor The Revels The Secrets of Jedi Power Xan sectorVensori sectorVenaarian sectorVadigult sectorTyan sectorTruum sector Trans-Gascon sector Tiala sector Thusa sector Talcene sector Sloo sector Sevastol sectorSarka sectorRomintine sector Primtara sector Pacor sector Noolian sectorNicandra sector Msst sectorMaerdocian sector Luuq sectorLondori sectorLikasha sectorKordu sectorIvidal sector Hertae sector Halori sector Fei Hu sector Dohlbani sector Daalang sector Corweillian sector Corthenia sector Chamma sector Bryx sector Bortele sector Belshar sector Barsa sectorAlderath sector Aida sector ‎Horns of Waryl ‎Blue SwirlHallucination Kardura ‎Kassido Kassido Bypass ‎Skirmish in the Sundari dock warehouse ‎Agarix Trade RouteHerdessa sector ‎Sundari dock warehouse Perlemia system Candoras sector Dilonexan Je'daii ‎Ko-shol gas ‎Ramordia system ‎Unidentified planet 24 (Dilonexa system) (GA)Koshol gasRepMed vita paste ‎Reifflex cellular padding Pserem Kouhunin Neuron Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia, Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection: 35 Years of Characters, The Charge at Feather Nebula, Feather Nebula, Spires of Kalimahr, Level 1313, 107 BBY, Peace, Joy, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Logic display sensor, Tresfor, Day of Three Suns, Rim Mining Company (Merged into Rim Commercial Mining), Diana Williams, ‎Carrie Beck, ‎Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide


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