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General Tempest challenges Darth Vader to a losing argument over who gets the most lines in the movie. He of course is cut short.

What sort of shopping would exist on the Death Star?Edit

Imperial Shopping Centers

  • IMP - for the fashionable Imperial
  • Old Imperial Navy - for the trendy Imperial
  • JCPalpatine's - for the formal Imperial
  • Baddy's - for the casual Imperial
  • TIEsRUs - for the little Imperial
  • Wilhuff'n'stuff - for the addicted Imperial
  • Tagge-it - for the thrifty Imperial
  • Kohl's - for the affirmative Imperial

Imperial Restaurants

  • DeathStarbucks - try the Jabbachino
  • Nerfburger King - straight from Alderaan burned to a crisp
  • Krake's Fried Chubas (KFC) - they're still moving so you gotta eat them quick

Imperial Products

  • Moff drops - Given to those with sore throats after being severely choked by Darth Vader

Other Fun ThingsEdit


This is a list of phrases and slang used by Wookieepedians.

  • Anon: n. slang. anonymous user, not meant to be taken as an insult towards said user.
  • Banninate: v. slang. To ban severely, in same context as "burninate those poor peasants!".
  • Cabal: This is just an imaginary concept.
  • Disambigging: v. slang. To create a disambiguation page. [etymology: Azizlight]
  • Great Lucascruft Purge: n. Event instrumental in the wave of attention to the Wookieepedia in the beginning of its formation. Name created for dramatic effect important to hiring new contributors.
  • IP: n. abbrv. another term for anon. Also could refer to any incidence of an user leaving IRC for the bathroom.
  • IRC: n. abbrv. the Wikia form of a chatroom, usually reserved for the Cabal, which does not exist. Also location of many site changes without documentation on the wiki.
  • IU: n. abbrv. In-Universe, essentially everything in the galaxy
  • Noobish: n. slang. Nonsense language or text created by a newbie. See also noob.
  • OOU: n. abbrv. Out-Of-Universe, essentially everything outside the galaxy.
  • Per: v?. In reference to, in agreement with. Used primarily in voting procedures
  • Rvted: v. abbrv. Also rvtd. A revert.
  • Stubbish: n. slang. Very short articles. Stubs.
  • Vandal scum: n. slang. Insult for vandal, comparable to the quote "Rebel Scum" by the great Lieutenant Renz.
  • X-Fan: n. slang. Refers to any user that places "fan" in their name. Usually a disruptive user. See also KFanII and Quinlanfan.

The FD-35 Refresher DroidEdit

"I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't flush that..."
"Dave, you've been here a while, shall I get dinner started?"
"Dave, please, can you give us a courtesy flush? I may be a droid, but come on..."
  • The FD-35 Refresher Droid was the latest in refresher droid technology. It was equipped with a HAL-like eye but similar to the TT-8L gatekeeper droid at Jabba's Palace. Its various features included the Puff of Air mode and other devices in cases of dexterior problems. When a being flushed, it played "Let the Sunshine In".

Riff's Happy Caption SectionEdit

Stolen idea from the other multiple Wookieecomedians:

Neimoidian warrior

And you think YOU had too much coffee to drink.


No Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.


Click click... What is it Flipper?

Raskar&#039;s arena



Does this hat make me look like a dick?

CIS Battle Platform

Busy, much?

Bosbit Matarcher

Where are your nuclear wessels?


Hsssssssssss.... BOOM!

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