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April 25, 2005
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I gotta get out of here!

This user is taking a Wookieevacation because from mid-August 2013 to May 2014, he'll be in one province and his Star Wars stuff will mostly be in another.

He might still do some watchlist maintenance, and if anyone else comes up with a notability policy proposal he'll follow that discussion with great interest.

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Movies, Literature, cheering for the Oilers, occasionally going outside and breathing fresh air for once.

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Played an RPG character a long time ago whose name may appear in the KOTOR random name generator, thanks to a guy he knows at BioWare.

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Hello, I'm Silly Dan, a guy with a fresh doctorate in physics, a collection of Star Wars books, and a variable amount of free time. I was an administrator here, but now I'm not.


Actually, I dislike contributions sections on user pages. I keep most articles I create or contribute significantly to on my watchlist (a few hundred articles by now, most of them short), but a lot of them were originated, greatly expanded, or even completely rewritten by other users, so I feel silly trying to "claim" them. All the same, here are a few articles I enjoyed working on:

Where else to find Silly Dan

  • I use this username on Twitter, the Bioware forums, and the Jedi Council Forums of TheForce.Net.
  • I formerly used this username on Wikipedia, LiveJournal, and a few other wikis (notably the Battlestar Galactica wiki, Jedipedia (a non-Wikia German Star Wars wiki) and Biblioteka Ossus (a non-Wikia Polish Star Wars wiki). However, these accounts are basically abandoned, so you won't see me posting from them.
  • Anyone using the username Silly Dan to demand power on a wiki or vandalize it is probably a troll or imposter holding a grudge from my time as an administrator here. I don't think anyone's bothering anymore.
  • I do not use my real name as a wiki user name anywhere.
  • Anyone using the username Silly Dan for any other reason on the internet may just be some other person named Dan.
  • There's someone with the display name "Silly Dan" on the website -- but that's not me. I'll be using another username there.

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