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Hi, I'm Tomari7. I can't say how consistently I'll be editing, and when I do, I'll mostly be fixing grammar, spelling, tense, and formatting mistakes like that. I'll try to edit info occasionally, but that takes more time, which I don't have a lot of. I use Wookieepedia a lot for information, so I figured I should contribute to the community a bit as well.

Mostly, I'll work on articles from The Clone Wars Star Wars Rebels, because I watch the show anyway, and don't have to go out of my way to read a book or something to track down information. I have about 60 of the novels, and some young reader books as well. I'm not really into the comic books or video game aspect of Star Wars.

My quick links:


Wookieepedia:Quote of the Day

Timeline of Legends media

Timeline of canon media

Timeline of Legends books

Timeline of canon books

Wookieepedia:Manual of Style



I discovered the awesomeness Star Wars in 2005, when Episode III was coming out. I had heard of it before, and assumed it was just another movie series, but at that time I received at Nat Geo kids magazine with a preview of the movie. I was drawn in by the pictures of Tion Medon and a Wookiee, and the universe that they represented. Also in the article were brief summaries of the other five movies, and I was curious about the saga. I didn't end up seeing the movie, but soon after, I noticed the junior novelization of Episode I in the library, and decided to read it. From that point forward I was hooked. Over the next few years, I read the books, saw the movies, and loved every minute of it. I was soon reading EU books as well and enjoying them, though I'm sad to say that some of the first books I read were the Jedi Prince series. Fortunately, I soon moved on to books that should be part of canon.

I discovered Wookieepedia in 2008, and edited occasionally as an unregistered user between then and when I registered in February 2013. I registered mostly because I wanted a new hobby, and I felt contributing to Wookieepedia was an enjoyable, constructive activity that did not require consistent participation.

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