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Hello there, I'm winterz. Though a relatively new editor to this wiki, I've been here "lurking" in the shadows for quite some time now :> I was mostly a major editor on The One Ring Wikia(Tolkien Universe - Canon) but left after some time, seeing that there wasn't much else to update(that is, until the Hobbit comes out).

Favorite SW Characters

What I have to say about the show Clone Wars:

Initially I was strongly against this being counted upon, but it does offer a lot of information to the Expanded Universe, even though some of it seems a bit.. "smelly". I decided to watch it, and well it wasn't exactly above my expectations...just an average show but it's worth watching for any SW fanboy like myself, even though it does get somewhat immature sometimes. Plus, a few points I think are way wrong there:

  • Anakin driving a Heavy Cruiser with as much mobility as a Starfighter.
  • Heavy Starship faster than missiles.
  • Anakin giving orders to Jedi Masters, a master of arms and being called "Master Skywalker".
  • Overpowered Jedi, all extremely proficient with Telekinesis and Lightsaber combat.

Favorite Episodes:


-Part of Wikia's Project: 'The Old Republic'

  • Sith Inquisitor's content.
    • Lots of related articles/pictures to add.

(27 April 2012- ??)

SWTOR Project, My Status[per number of articles]:

  • New Articles: 48
  • Edits to already existing articles/Adding picture: 42
  • Minor Edits: 19
    • Total: 109

NOMINATED to Good Status:

  • Dorotsech - Failed nomination (Decided to give up)

My Collection(Chronologically within BBY)




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