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I am Wormulon, you may call me Wormy.

Star Wars is one my favorite fictional settings, but I also like Star Trek, Stargate and Doctor Who.

Me Edit

I'm most active on SporeWikia.

Galactic Empire Edit

I like many sci-fi's, but I believe the Galactic Empire would easily win against most other Star Wars or sci-fi factions, externally it is very powerful but internally it is weak. The Empire control over 70 million worlds, with has a huge population of quadrillions of different species. Each sector is patrolled by millions of ships patrolling each sector. Many according to some sources have terraton to petaton range rapid-fire weapons and shielding (Base Delta Zero for example can blast the crust off a planet and atomise it, basically making the classic Star Destroyer a superweapon of its own). With hypermatter power sources I'm pretty sure rapid-fire superlasers are feasible. Hyperspace travel which can cross a galaxy twice the size of the Milky Way in days.

All this easily makes The Empire a kardashev III civilisation. It could be argued that they don't collect energy from stars, although a minor source (the Nova generator) suggests they are capable of it.

Technological capability of the Galactic Empire/Republic Edit

Engineering and industrial capabilities Edit

Military capabilities of the Galactic Empire Edit

The Empire doesn't even need superweapons. Various ships can glass or reduce the habitability of planets from orbit whithin just an hour. The Venator Class, a mere cruiser can fire 460 teratons in one second.

Hyperspace collisions - "Hyperspace collisions, whether they be intentional or by accident, could devastate or even destroy a planet. Considering the fact that the output of the reactors of many Capital ships rivaled or eclipsed that of a star, and that the energies needed to make hyperspace travel possible were vast, one could unleash a great deal of destructive power on a target." Sounds almost like "gridfire" to me from The Culture novels. The Shawken Device (although its canon is debatable) might have operated on this principle wiping out planets from hyperspace, neither seem to be gridfire in the true sense however, and hyperspace collisions merey being accidental.

Other little-known Star Wars technologies Edit

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