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  • I live in Hungary
  • I was born on June 3
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

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About me

Hi, <insert name here>, welcome to my user page. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: My username is XXLVenom998, but simply call me Greg. I joined Wookieepedia in January 2012. I am from Hungary. I love watching, reading and playing with anything that is related to Star Wars. I'm really into the new Clone Wars series, and I support it. I speak English in an advenced level, mainly because I have been learning it for more than 10 years. So, you can talk to me about Star Wars. I was the author of the page about Mid Rim Lending Network, but it was deleted, sadly, because I could only provide non-official sources (however it is restored again by another user). I created more minor articles, about characters, locations etc. I also helped in advancing more pages (see my followed pages). I appreciate any help. I tell you now, I'm a great Star Wars fan, I really appreciate and say thanks to George Lucas for making this awesome universe, and I just want to explore and edit here, I don't want to get blocked. I read the policies. So if you find my work not suitable for Wookieepedia, then please warn me, don't block me if you are an administrator. Thank you. My other followed wikis which I have already done some work on:

My work

  • I add, remove and modify templates.
  • I add Appearances, History and Behind the scenes sections to pages.
  • I advance the content of pages.
  • I sometimes add new images, especially for TCW.
  • I am a member of The Clone Wars WookieeProject.
  • I create articles to redlink pages, especially for TCW characters.
  • I also create minor articles, mainly on Characters and Locations.
  • I create infoboxes, and advance them.
  • I constantly update my userpage.
  • I revert nonsense edits by users.
  • I sometimes use the Talk Pages.

Articles created by XXLVenom998

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Animated Sith

I follow:

Books I definetely need to read

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All TCW episodes are in these articles!

My pages that were deleted by the administrators because of no reason

A random rocket battle droid:

Rocket battle droid

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Hungarian homeland

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Less than 2 meters

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Dark brown

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Star Wars in first place. Besides, I am a great car fan, I like playing the computer, reading, listening to music, watching action films, writing. I hate smoking and I am an anti-alcoholist.

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TrinsEvnar This user's favourite species are the Mon Calamari.
Mustafar hell This user's favourite planet is Mustafar.
Lothominor lgtout This user likes Lotho Minor.
Rex This user thinks that Republic clone troopers are awesome.
RoyalGuardForcePike-BTM This user thinks Imperial Royal Guard are awesome.
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GrievousTCWWallpaper This user thinks that General Grievous is brutally cool.
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Ventress TDS This user thinks that Asajj Ventress is pretty cool.
Addicted-template This user is addicted to Wookieepedia, dammit!
Wakeupnow This user is also an Indiana Jones fan.
X Some random images that were about to be used in pages, but were deleted or replaced:

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