It's no real secret that I often feel that we at Wookieepedia are very insular, and not part of the greater fan community. Our interactions with the rest of the wider Star Wars fandom is very limited and, due to the nature of what we do and how we do it, we communicate even with each other through chat programs and talk pages. So going into Celebration Anaheim, I was both worried about the response we would receive, and determined to boost our interaction with the wider fandom. It turns out I had very little to fear. Nearly everyone who came to our booth had heard of us, and had very positive things to say about the site and the work we do, and how we handled the entire Legends/Canon split. And those that had never heard of us were educated about our mission and told where to find us.

I cannot tell you how it feels to have people come up to you and tell you they're appreciating the hard work we are doing, and that they love the site. It's a great feeling, and one I am glad I got the chance to experience.

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