Jorrel Fraajic

aka Jacob Frantik

  • Jorrel Fraajic

    Cosplay—the act of dressing up and performing as a character other than yourself—is always a big draw at pop culture conventions, and Celebration is no exception. When I arrived Thursday, I was a little shocked to see just how prevalent costuming really was. I saw characters from ever facet of the saga; major film characters, like Han Solo and Darth Vader, were joined by major EU characters, such as Thrawn and Mara Jade. Of course, there were plenty of Jedi, plenty of Clone and Stormtroopers, plenty of Rebel pilots, and a plethora of Mandalorian mercs to join them; though not representing specific characters, per se, each costume matched an organization in the Star Wars universe. In addition to all of these, I've noticed several mashup char…

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