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The Battle of Endor is over. The Emperor is dead. Rumors of the Rebellion's victory spread like a fire across the galaxy. But for Imperial Governor Adelhard of the Anoat sector, those rumors mean only one thing: treason. To quell the insurrection that could be left in the wake of the Death Star's destruction, he locks the sector down behind the Iron Blockade, leaving it cut off from the Rebel Alliance and the rest of the galaxy. If the sector is to ever be free, it will be up to a band of assassins, bounty hunters, freedom fighters, pirates, and smugglers to start an uprising and bring an end to the tyranny of the Galactic Empire.

This is Star Wars: Uprising, an upcoming canon mobile game from Kabam set in the days after Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. The game is the first mobile experience to take place in this era and will help bridge the gap between Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.

Here at Wookieepedia, we've teamed with Wikia to create an all-new Star Wars: Uprising Super Walkthrough, a portal for all news and lore from Star Wars: Uprising. Whether you're looking for character bios, videos, or the latest news, you can find it all in one place here on Wookieepedia.

We'll have more news, videos, blogs, and content moving forward as new information is released by Kabam and Lucasfilm. Keep checking back to Wookieepedia and the Super Walkthrough, your #1 source for Star Wars: Uprising lore and news!

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