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Begeren Edit

In ancient times, the Imperial slaves of Begeren created great monuments to their masters. Send your companion to excavate the artistry left behind.
<<1>> has returned from Begeren, having studied the slaves' craft and analyzed the secret messages they recorded in the Sith statues... messages that led <<1>> to an amazing find!
"According to Imperial databanks, Guardsman Lassicar was born to slave parents in the conquered system of Begeren. He gained the Empire's attention when he personally executed his parents and exposed their terrorist cell to Moff Harvus. Lassicar's subsequent rise through the ranks of the Imperial Guard is the fastest on record."
  • SWTOR mini Star Wars: The Old Republic—Codex Entry: "Darth Zhorrid" — Darth Zhorrid has a estate on Begeren.
  • SWTOR mini Star Wars: The Old Republic—Mission: [Heroic] "Friends of Old" on Dromund Kaas — the Sith Lord Tytonus declared her own kingdom on Begeren, and later attempted to conquer Dromund Kaas with alien mercenaries and Sith launched from Begeren.
  • SWTOR mini Star Wars: The Old Republic—Mission: "Secret Kinds of Darkness" on Dromund Kaas — the spirit of Vacuus, an ancient Sith from the TOTJ-era Sith Empire called himself "the conquerer of Begeren." From the other dialog in that quest series, those guys were among the first Sith of the empire, so he's likely the guy who first conquered Begeren. "I am Lord Vacuus. The conqueror of Begeren."

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