Uta T'Cha was a female Human droid programmer and mechanic. She was a former member of the Sabiador Slavers.


During her time with the Sabiador Slavers, T'Cha was a casual acquaintance of Gorak Khzam. However, she preferred droids to slaving, and left the group some time before Khzam did. In 6 ABY, she arrived in the Pitann system in the Kathol Republic. Although she was rumored to have a shadowy past, she was also known to be one of the best droid repair mechanics and programmers in the Kathol Republic. T'cha worked on colony's mining droids, and she was approached by Senator Sho'ban Do to assist him in his plan to create a remote control program to take over all the droids within the Kathol Republic. T'Cha went to work, and was the driving force behind creating the droid gladiatorial games, which she modeled after the games that the Sabiador Slavers used to set up. She worked from her workshop adjacent to the gladiatorial arena.

In 8 ABY, she was approached by members of the crew of the FarStar to expose Do's schemes. T'Cha was willing to sell a hologram recording of Senator Do revealing his plan to turn droids into covert assassins for the sum of 50,000 credits. Fortunately for the representatives of the New Republic, she was talked down to 8,000 credits, and passage out of the Kathol Republic. After delivering her evidence to the Kathol Republic Senatorial Council, she joined the crew of FarStar because she recognized Khzam and was sure she could blackmail him while onboard.

T'Cha came to like serving onboard the FarStar, and wanted to come clean about her past to the crew. She also attempted to get Khzam to admit to his past, but he refused. The pair argued, and the secret came out in a public area of the ship. As a result, Khzam was confined to quarters and relieved of duty. Strangely, while much of the crew reacted negatively to the revelation of Khzam's past, they did not seem to mind about T'Cha's, possibly because she had not served with them for an extended period.

Physical appearanceEdit

Uta T'Cha was a short woman with close cropped brown hair and blue eyes. She wore casual clothing, along with two leather tool gauntlets on her forearms that were loaded with tools for droid programming and repair.

Personality and traitsEdit

T'Cha had a brusque manner, and peppered her dialogue with computer terminology and acronyms. She wasn't a loyal person, and her only allegiance was to whoever offered her the most credits.