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The Utapauan Security Force (USF) was Utapau's standing military.[1]


The Utapau military was the only organization on the planet which all the city-states cooperated on. It was responsible for training and fielding military units for the defense of the planet, including the resident warships and Skyforce. In addition to high-tech transportation, some warriors were trained to ride dactillions and varactyls, and were armed with a vibro-blade and shield.[1]

When the Confederacy invaded the planet, the homemade USF Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers were all destroyed[1] and the Utapau Skyforce went into hiding in Utapau's natural caverns or in deep space.[2] During the Battle of Utapau, the security force, led by Senin Vant, resurfaced and flew P-38 starfighters and dactillions against the Techno Union Mankvim-814 light interceptors.[2] After the battle, the occupation of Utapau continued under the Galactic Empire, while the remainder of Utapau's military assets was destroyed.[1]



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