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The Utegetu Nebula was a shell nebula created by a supernova located within the Wild Space, between Reecee and Adumar, and Chiss space and the Rago Run.


It contained fourteen habitable planets, including Woteba, discovered in 35 ABY by Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo. Under the terms of the Qoribu Truce, these planets were settled by Killik nests.

The Dark Nest secretly colonized a fifteenth unnamed planet orbiting the star Tusken's Eye. In 36 ABY, the Galactic Alliance's Fifth Fleet blockaded the nebula at the Murgo Choke to prevent the Killiks from migrating to Chiss space and starting a war, although a war eventually did break out.

Behind the scenesEdit

The New Essential Chronology refers to it as the "Paradise Nebula."



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