The Uukaablians were a species native to the planet Uukaablis in the Kathol Outback. They had pale green skins. Originally a race of aggressive, warring factions, the Uukaablians reinvented themselves after the biological near-destruction of their world. Devoting themselves to developing medical technologies, the Uukaablians transformed their society.

Uukaablians were aware of the Galactic Civil War, but had no contact with either side. By 8 ABY, the Uukaablian government was anxious to contact other species, especially those within the Core Worlds to open trade for their medical technology. Having devoted their society to the development of medical technology, all Uukaablians had an aptitude for medicinal technologies and remedies.

Uukaablians mastered the art of conversation, believing it to be an essential part of politeness and diplomacy.


"Chee danada, tok jin."
―Greeting from the Uukaablians to representatives of the New Republic[src]

Loh'khar and Kaiya Adrimetrum meet with Uukaablians on Uukaablis.

The Uukaablian's native language seemed to derive from a dialect of Huttese.