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Uukaablis was the fourth planet of the Uukaablis system, and home to the Uukaablians.

Over a millennium before the Galactic Civil War, war raged across the planet. Fought for generations, the conflict was so devastating that the planet came to the brink of a planetary biological disaster. Seeing the fate that would befall their world, the leaders of the factions met and agreed to end hostilities after a three-day summit. To ensure peace, all weapons were loaded onto a giant barge and launched into the system's sun.

A year after ending the war, an unknown disease struck the planet. Medical authorities soon determined that the microscopic parasite responsible was a biological weapon developed by one of the factions. In response, the Uukaablians devoted all their technology to medical research. By 8 ABY, the legacy of this effort allowed Uukaablis to boast several large medical complexes, and a planet-wide database with information on every illness encountered by the Ukaablians.


Uukaablian cities were actually a network of skyways, raised over a hundred meters off the ground by massive stone columns.



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