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During Presentation, a festival on the planet Kesh, a competition was held among the youth of the Lost Tribe of Sith to obtain a uvak—a winged reptilian creature that could be used for transportation. The children had to use the dark side of the Force to impose their will on a freshly-hatched baby uvak, causing it to "imprint" upon the competitor. In 37 ABY, Sith Tyro Vestara Khai successfully obtained a uvak in this competition, naming it Tikk.

The rules of the competition were as follows: Each competitor had to take a cushion from a box and sit around the perimeter of the pen, which was a circular area of bare ground surrounded by a fence. A incubation droid would enter the pen and set a dozen Uvak eggs on the ground. Anyone who moved off their cushion would be disqualified. It was also not allowed to assist in the Uvaks' hatching, though mind manipulation was allowed.


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