V'shar was a planet located within the V'shar system of the Wild Space.


It was an isolated Ka'hren homeworld divided into seven nations.[2]

The government was a representative democracy with theocracy shades: Each nation had one main leader, but it also had lesser leaders representing each of the religions in the planet. The leaders were commonly elected among the elders, because the Ka'hren respected their age.[2]

The isolationist nature of the Ka'hrens led them to dislike other species and worlds. Thus, if an individual Ka'hren wanted to leave the planet, he or she was to obtain permission of each of the seven nation leaders.[2]

Initially, the natives were reluctant to record their past, basing instead in tradition and respect to preserve their ancestor's ways. However, after initial contact with other species (who also taught them the unknown concept of betrayal), the Ka'hren decided to change that and they built the University of Timb.[2]

As of 2 ABY, the main branch of the Jydan religion was Ni'Shaw-Dak, covering almost all of V'shar.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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