V-Tan, also known as Tan,[2] was a Human male who was one of the Benevolent Guides during Kegan's isolationist period.[1] He often had visions of the Galactic Empire's invasion of Kegan,[2] which led her to V-Tan, who had dreams about future events. When they met each other they realized that their visions and dreams matched. Their visions and dreams involved Masked Soldiers invading the planet.[1] They also had dreams and visions of their destruction through an explosive device that could wipe out a planet,[1] hinting at the coming Death Star.[source?] Together, the two developed a system of isolationism in an attempt to thwart the invasion, but the Keganites eventually rejected their leaders upon learning of the brainwashing children underwent at the Re-Learning Circle.[1]


V-Tan and O-Veive set up an isolationist government that controlled the people rigorously. They were more-or-less dictators on an officially-democratic planet Kegan, allowing votes but controlling the subject of the vote. Furthermore, autohoppers, automatically controlled skyhoppers, were used to monitor the people, their movements, and their conversations. To encourage the isolated behavior, the pair developed a curriculum known as The Learning around 59 BBY. This school of thought emphasized sacrificing one's own desires in favor of contributing to the General Good. A school known as the Learning Circle was set up outside the city to teach kids from the ages of four to sixteen. Furthermore, a secret Re-Learning Circle was created within the Learning Circle to brainwash people to believe as V-Tan and O-Vieve did if they became undisciplined or were considered too physically ill to contribute to society. While Keganites under V-Tan's rule enjoyed a mostly peaceful society where all of their basic needs were met, the isolationist policy restricted the people from benefiting from advances throughout the galaxy in medicine, technology, and other fields.[1]

The two guides lived in the Central Dwelling, part of the Gathering Circle at the center of the city of Kegan.[1]


After Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Adi Gallia, and Siri Tachi came to the planet to assess if a baby born on the planet was Force-sensitive, V-Tan and O-Veive had the child kidnapped and sent to the Re-Learning Circle. The Masters, while searching for O-Lana and their Padawans, who had also been captured by a Truant Guide, disrupted the system of skyhoppers that closely monitored the populace and helped rescue their Padawans from the secure school. After they escaped, they exposed V-Tan and O-Veive for their totalitarian ways, and the two rulers were voted out from the post of Benevolent Guides of Kegan.[1]



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