The V6-series pilot droid model was Industrial Automaton's followup to their successful V1-series pilot droid model. Like other pilot droids, they were designed to supplement or replace biological pilots for spacecraft and starships.


The V6's chassis was similar to that of a standard Industrial Automaton astromech droid, with a cylindrical body, a truncated cone-shaped head, and a height of one meter. The hardware, including three wheeled legs (one retractable), retractable arm, and starship interface jack, was similar to the V1. The standard programming package for V6 units was upgraded from that of V1 units, as it was designed to pilot vessels on longer trips than the V1.[1]

Basic starfighter repair programming supplemented computer and space transport repair skills, the astrogation and piloting software was upgraded from the V1, and the memory could store five sets of hyperspace navigation co-ordinates[1] rather than the V1's three.[2] These improvements made the V6 expensive—a new unit cost 17,800 credits[1] compared to the 11,800 credit price of the V1.[2] Even used units could sell for 12,000 credits.[1]


Both the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire used V6 droids. Smugglers and other spacers who often worked outside of the law disliked them, however. Part of this was due to the V6's tendency to panic in combat, while part of it was because a V6's owner needed to pass extensive background checks and purchase expensive permits before the V6 was allowed to fly a starship.[1]

Due to the Clone Wars, there were many restrictions on piloting droids. It was required that V6's got a memory wipe after each flight to prevent them from gaining tactical skills.[3]



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