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The VGK-3 Shooting Star-class Starfighter was a high performance prototype.


This five winged design derived its name from its star-like shape when viewed from the forward quarter. Although this design was slow, it was sturdy and well armed; its proton torpedo launchers made it a threat to capital ships, while its aft ion cannons could ward off attacks from the aft quarter.


The VGK-3 was originally being developed for the Galactic Empire by Koensayr Manufacturing, but was later stolen by the Rebel agents some time before the Battle of Endor. Interestingly, it appears that Koensayr continued work on the design (for the Rebels) after its theft from the Empire. This design was then later stolen by Bryce Agoris—a Rebel Infiltrator, and Myrgaanti Shi-Iki—a freelance operative shortly before the Battle of Endor, from the Rebel Alliance.

As a result, the VGK-3 project fell behind schedule and most hope for the New Republic to obtain these fighters had been dashed. It is suspected that the VGK-3 was in poor shape as the two thieves did not have the credits to properly maintain this fighter which they had extensively employed.