VL-44, also called "Vee-El Forty-Four," was a security droid who served the Resistance during the Cold war.


In 34 ABY,[1] Admiral Ackbar, of the Resistance was captured by the First Order. In order to rescue him, the Resistance assembled a team, led by Captain Hoff to figure out where Ackbar was being held and save him. Hoff's team eventually captured a droid named O-MR1, who they believed knew the location of Ackbar.[2]

On the way back to the Resistance base, Hoff's team crashed on Taul, with the only survivors of the crash being VL-44, O-MR1 and the droids C-3PO, 2MED2, CO-34 and PZ-99. The group of droids decided to work together to find a way home. Not long after teaming up, the droids picked up a signal from a First Order vessel. On their way to the vessel, the group was attacked by spice spiders. In order to save the others, PZ-99 drew the attention of all the spice spiders to himself, resulting in his destruction. The remaining droids continued on their way, however not long after, they were attacked by can-cell. 2MED2, CO-34 and VL-44 were all destroyed in the attack.[2]


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