"There are two academies, of course; that's what the legend means, two Sith academies. One of them is the Master Academy, the other is the Apprentice Academy. Leave it to the Jedi to misinterpret something so obvious"

Va'Lonis was a Tarasin who played the keyboard in the band Distraction


Va'Lonis and the band traveled to the Hutt-owned Yacht, Sleemo Poya Jeedai, where they were due to perform at a concert. While they waited for the show to begin, they met with a group of spacers who were providing them with extra security during the event. They were investigating Niklas Cories, who they believed posed a threat to the band. Va'Lonis claimed that he knew the location of Cories, claiming that he was on Coriesant, as it was named for his family. He also revealed to them his interpretation of the Rule of Two and claimed that there were two Sith Academies, a Master Academy and an apprentice Academy. Va'Lonis and the band performed in the concert and during it, Cories attempted to destroy the ship.

Va'Lonis had a large ego and disagreed with the band's Bith manager, Zim Zimley, over what was best for the band.