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A warm, grassy planet of savannas, Vaal was home to several ferocious predators and the remote Imperial Relay Outpost V-798, commanded by Sergeant Reybn. V-798 was notable for being the closest Imperial outpost to the Yavin system. Vaal's orbit intersected with several treacherous asteroid fields.

With his modified TIE Advanced x1 crippled, Darth Vader was forced to crash-land on the planet. His journey to V-798 was interrupted by an attack from a pack of vicious Hyenax. He killed several of them, including their leader, earning their respect and becoming leader of the pack in the process. Later, Lord Vader saved the pack from another creature. He eventually reached a shuttle that took him to Coruscant, as well as leaving the three stormtroopers at the outpost to be mauled to death by his Hyenax pack due to their lax behavior.



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