The Vac Attack Mk-127 was a blade launcher produced by Golan Arms.

The Vac Attack was powerful blade launcher prized for its silent precision, dependability, and power. Meant to be worn in pairs[1] on the forearm just behind the wrist,[2] each band contains two containment slots, each of which contains a trio of circular alloy blades, with each disc measuring three centimeters in diameter.[1]

An activation stud sent the blades spinning through the air with deadly precision and surprising penetration power - rivaling that of a flechette launcher. A secondary stud adjusted the width of release pattern, with the blades being able to to be dispersed up to a maximum of a sixty degree arc, allowing for a skilled user to attack multiple targets at once.[1]

The weapon was originally designed by the Vacutech Combine, but after they went bankrupt due to trouble with the Imperial bureaucracy, the company and its patents were bought by Golan Arms - the Vac Attack was produced a mere year after after its acquisition.[2]


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