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"If I get a veto, ejection into space. Always had nightmares about that. Brrr."
―Aphara requests that Darth Vader not jettison her into the vacuum of space[src]

A vacuum was an area of space which lacked any atmosphere. Most organisms could not survive in the vacuum of space, although there were exceptions, such as the neebray[1] and purrgil.[2] The Givin were also able to survive for a short while in vacuum.[3] Some equipment could allow other organisms to survive in a vacuum, including vacuum-sealed armors like stormtrooper armor,[4] phase I clone trooper armor,[5] and Vader's armor,[6] or breathing apparatus like the A99 aquata breather.[7] One form of execution was to jettison an individual into the vacuum of space, which Admiral Jhared Montferrat used to kill a group of captives he suspected of being Rebel spies.[8] The archaeologist Doctor Aphra asked to veto being jettisoned into a vacuum as a method of execution if the Sith Lord Darth Vader chose to kill her.[9]


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