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"I don't want to hear any more words from you, either. So you're going out where things don't make any sound. We're surrounded by vacuum now, Fett. Take a deep breath, because it'll be your last. I'm going to enjoy turning this ship around to take a look at what's left of you, after your blood's boiled away and your body's exploded from depressurization. I've heard that the process takes just long enough for you to feel it; maybe a second or two. I bet they won't go by fast, either."
Bossk, to Boba Fett[src]

Vacuum was a volume of space that was absent of atmosphere. Most of realspace consisted of it. While most beings could not survive in a vacuum, particular outer space, some vacuumbreathers could.

Behind the scenesEdit

While sound can be heard from spaceships in many Star Wars works, in reality, sound waves cannot travel through a vacuum. Nor can seismic waves, though they are shown doing so in Attack of the Clones. Conflicting sources exist as to whether the characters themselves can hear the sounds, or if they can be considered part of the soundtrack and are not diegetic.

A few possible explanations for this exist, some more likely than others:

  • 1 - The sound effects are only for the benefit of those viewing the movie and cannot be heard by the characters.
  • 2 - Enough atmosphere has been released from ships/space stations that space can support sound wave vibrations, but still not life.
  • 3 - Since the stories of Star Wars are told in many cases from a Force-Sensitive perspective, perhaps the ability to "sense" sound vibrations despite vacuum is a component of Force-assisted perception.
  • 4 - It never occurred to anyone while making the Star Wars films that there is no sound in a vacuum, and it is too late to change it now.
  • 5 - The spaceships enable artificial audio to aid the crew.
  • 6 - The physical laws being different in many other cases in the Star Wars diegesis than what is known in the real world, sound (and mechanical waves in general) could behave in such a way that no material is required for them to propagate.

Certain sounds would, of course, be audible. If a ship fired its laser cannons, for instance, the sound of the laser cannon's discharge would be audible to the pilot, as the sound vibrates the chassis of the ship itself as well as the atmosphere within. The same is true if a ship is hit by a weapon or solid object. Certain ships are also equipped with aural sensors, allowing the pilot to "hear" sounds from outside the ship.



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